Is Kerillians 2H sword any good?

What are your experiences with the 2H sword of Kerillian? Is it any good? I know that Glaive is all the rage, but I’m trying to make it work anyways. Sword has a nice cleave too and a precision attack instead of “tuffer cleave” for somewhat lower damage but slightly faster attacks. In your opinion does the tradeoff worth it?

It’s a pretty sweet weapon! I have swift slaying on mine and it’s great. I do find that the charged attack is more difficult to aim than the Glaive, mostly because headshot hitboxes seem a bit wonky at times. I love it though, it feels great to use and I think just as effective as the Glaive when it comes to clearing hordes.

Really the only downside is when there’s stormvermin or other armored units mixed in the horde as the sword doesn’t damage them like the glaive does on light attacks.

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I find its charge attack to be quite realible for backstabs for the shade career ability. I oneshot Rothelms every time on champ when i ult. The charge attack have good reach so you chop of a great deal of health on bosses as well. (have not played shade on legend yet.) As @Flinlock, I also use swift slaying since it is a bit slower than the rest of the arsenal. Just mind that the swings dont have much vertical reach like krubers hammer or excecutioner, play accordingly.

and yes, headshots are harder to land.

I’m satisfied with the 2H sword, espiecially with swift slaying and any attack speed% buffs you can get. It does struggle a bit against armor, but that’s understandable since it has a different role. The reach on charged attack comes in very handy, and the sword itself clears hordes very efficiently.

Was actually disappointed with it at first, but then got a neat illusion so I gave it another try and I’m diggin it a lot atm.

I absolutely love it: it’s my favorite Kerillian melee weapon. It’s especially good on Handmaiden thanks to the stamina regen and the level 10 talent that grants you additional hero power in return for 5% attack speed, which you can simply offset by rolling +5% attack speed on either one of your trinkets or/and the sword itself. Add +% crit chance and swift slaying and it becomes godly.

One thing to remember about it is that it strikes in a flat U-shaped ark on light attack chains, meaning it’s easier to achieve headshots at the sides, not at the center when facing hordes.

I like it. I really like its consistent cleave on normal attacks and can reliably hit head-shots on armored enemies with the charged attack since it’s a stab. I like weapons that require a bit of work to play well and get effectiveness out of, not just defaulting to shield breaking or armor piercing.

I enjoy it. I wish the power stab had a little more punch to it on armor guys when you hit them in the head, but still pretty good weapon. It is what I usually go with when playing the elf. It is also great for back stabbing with that power stab when playing the shade. With that 15% bonus damage (handmaiden or shade with grim talent) and some anti infantry from an accessory, it’ll clean up hordes pretty easily.

My favorite 2h sword in the game.

I quite like using it! And even from a mechanical standpoint, it is among the three weapons which can reach “2 hitting all chaos infantry on Champion” levels of damage, so that’s a pretty nice bonus to me.

Run a lot of Chaos power and it’s great.

Shade Legend tested build:
2h Sword: Crit/Chaos power (resourceful combatant)
Xbow: Crit/Chaos Power (scrounger)
Charm: Chaos power/Armour power - can switch this for Chaos/(Infantry/attack speed) too
Trinket: Cooldown Reduction/Crit

2, 3, 2, 2, 3

unarmoured, Leeches, Stormers, melee crowd clear, range, stamina
armoured, bosses (melee), charged attack damage, upward strikes so hard to get headshots

Playstyle tips:
-Use ult on cooldown during hordes or to knock out an elite during hordes too
-The block push>slash has the biggest arc, so use your ult on that for bigger cleave
-Block push > slash has a weird delayed animation after it until the next attack, so Block push > slash > block > light attack, is your best combo
-Spam dodge about while spamming light attacks during hordes

The two-handed sword is really quite good and usable. Outshined by the Glaive, perhaps, but it has a different niche. It can CC decently with its basic attacks, and its charged attacks are basically the spear in reverse - the lunge does the same damage as the spear lunge (even against armor; always go for headshots), and the sweep actually does a little more than the spear sweep, but I find the sword is better for landing both reliably. If you stack around 25% appropriate power (actually a little less), you can one-shot headshot a Chaos Marauder with the first power attack, which is really nice. Since Shade has the +15% power w/ Grim and Handmaiden has the +15% power (-5% attack speed) talents, you really only need like +10% power versus Chaos/Infantry on the sword or your trinket for this. If the stat you stack is +Infantry, you can also one-shot clan rats with headshots on the basic attacks! Pretty nice, IMO. Waystalker can also reach these thresholds, but needs a bit more focus on secondary stats to hit them.

I would pair it with Longbow if you are the main anti-Special, or shortbow if you are worried about bosses - it does great DPS against them, and is also good for quick-turning on that Leech or assassin that pops up behind you - not good against armored enemies, though.

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