Anyone have a good shade build for a noob?

I see your assumption and raise burden of prove.

Because as it is you didnt say why Spear is in any way better on a damage character compared to the Handmaiden.
Shade, next to Slayer and Zealot is one of the hardest classes to play right now, so why you would tell someone to play a class in a way with a weapon that makes are substantial worse than her other options (Glaive, SnS, Daggers) just to say “its all about the fun” when you condemn 3 others players right now in the game to play with someone who doesnt understand the point of Shade because people suggested it to him on this very forum?

That is really helpful, thank you so much! This is honestly some of the best info/ advice I have seen for this. Once I get back on my home comp i’ll be trying it out, and I agree with the volley thing its the reason I run it also. I don’t really use the ranged much on her though unless on a special or boss. Also right now I’m just at lvl 16 so I know I have a long way to go, but will I still get good block/knockback/ dmg on dual daggers? idk much on any of the mechanics yet of this game.

Also Orpheus I think you may have landed a mic drop moment xD, but it is true while this is a game it also has a high team interaction to it and once I get past playing recruit I know I have to worry about hurting my team both if I’m bad and if I play sub par stuff. I really do not want to be “that guy” which others would prefer to just kick than play with cuz he doesn’t know his head from his butt on builds. So by learning and improving to play the best I can at the most optimal build I enjoy it more cuz I’m not getting creamed and I would be playing with better people who also want to play at the best they can to have the most fun. Cuz when you wipe the floor with a massive ahole boss it just makes ya feel good =P

You arent that guy anyway because you look for help on forums and want to learn. :slight_smile:
All I wanted to know with my comment was what your intention behind using the spear was, I didnt say you where wrong just that it seemed kinda odd with how Shade works, I might have phrase it better next time.

i said you can be damn good with everything if you can see the Potential. There literally the Chance some´s Playstyle doenst go along with the so called “better Weapon´s” cause there are none, it never depends on the Weapons only depends on the one how wield´s it.

Yes and I remember saying how Shade was really good because of her crossbow and dagger/glaive + passive in beta and her only weakness was a damn buggy ult (which it still is) - people wouldnt believe it anyway.

That is most definitly correct, but some movesets are simply better than others.

2h Sword: Is Kerillians 2H sword any good?
Similar playstyles to 2h sword:
-Dual Swords (ult on charged can kill 2 elites at once)
-SnD (as above)

Glaive: Shade still useless
-Now running 15% crit, 20% Chaos, 10% Armour and Resourceful Combatant, Cooldown Reduction+Crit on trink

Most other weapons would take similar builds. I see spear getting talked down atm, which is one of the best and most versatile weapons. I expected it to be bad too until I was topping damage easier than some of the other builds I’ve tried.

All weapons are viable, but I’m yet to test 1h sword other than a few patches ago. Glaive is obviously best with Spear/Daggers following it.

At the minute I’m using a boss melting build.

Dual Daggers build:
Dual Daggers: Crit/Chaos (resourceful combatant)
Hagbane: Crit/Monster (hunter)
Neck: Stam/Health, tempted to go Damage Reduction/Health
Charm: Chaos/Armour (decanter)
Trinket: Cooldown Reduction/Crit or Curse Resist/Crit, depends how confident you are in playing defensive (shrapnel)

3, 3, 1, 3, 3

boss melting, destroys chaos warriors, fast charged attacks, solo potential, top melee kills, ranged horde clear if needed/ammo box
hard build, relies on team for stagger, relies on team for some special kill (hag can knock gutter runners off people though), relies on constant headshots, low ammo capacity

Playstyle tips:
-VS single enemies push > attack for safety
-try to stand behind your team mates spamming headshots during hordes, go for elite kills whenever possible (you have to make up for not using glaive)
-2-3 attacks and then a push in hordes
-kite and use dodge as much as possible
-VS elites, spam charged attacks and try to get their backs
-chase specials in stealth during hordes and then kite the horde until your team can help
-if you don’t need to fight the horde, don’t fight it. play safe
-spam left click with hagbane on bosses or ult with a purple pot

unless the weapon is a big floppy object that doesn’t do much good xD and thanks I def want to learn. So back to focus, is dnd better than glaive or are both relatively the same for dmg and for dmg in the super buggy ult form (side note I hate that I cant use the ult if I’m in temp health state aka white health only state).

Also I was reading somewhere that this class ( as I guess all of them) have a move/ hit that will fill the ult meter faster. Is that true and if so what would be the best way to utilize it for shade?

Ok thanks =) I like the build, it may be one I try later on. I prefer kinda being in the thick of it and blocking and dealing dmg then going poof and either popping the special or helping heal teammates. Would this still be good for that style or no?

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Special killing from stealth and healing from stealth will work for all of them, but Hagbane isn’t great for special killing(only unarmoured). :slight_smile: The other builds I linked are probably better for you then. Daggers are a bit more dodgy and runny.

awesome! ok thanks ill read over them =)

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As with so many other things in this game, it really depends on your playstyle. Shade is primarily a single-target burst damage dealer, and while the Glaive is her most damaging weapon, it is slightly tricky to use effectively, as you need to use her second Heavy attack to break stealth. If you’re already good with melee headshots, Spear and Two-handed Sword are worth a try. Any dual weapons can work too, but Dual Daggers are the hardest elf melee weapon to learn in general, due to low blocking/pushing ability, short reach and low damage. They are awesome in the right hands though.

For ranged you can really use anything you feel you need, but Longbow or Volley Crossbow are probably the best bets. Try both, use the one you’re more comfortable with.

Talent, wise, my first piece of advice is to test things out and figure what fits you. At lv5, all three fill a different purpose, and it really just depends on your playstyle and weapon picks. At lv10, Hekarti’s Bounty is likely to be the strongest - if you plan on picking up at least one Grimoire. If not, then either one, but I’d recommend Gladerunner. At lv15 any one is viable depending on what kind of help you need. If (when?) you get to Legend, the choice is probably between Bloodfletcher and Ereth Khial’s Herald, though. At lv20, the “Temp health on kill” talent is almost always the best choice regardless of career and character. And at 25, Veilwalker is probably the worst choice unless you really need that extra time to position up.

Practically all of it boils down to using what you are most comfortable with to get used to the career, and when you get better, testing things out. Don’t let others’ opinions affect your decisions too much, as player skill plays a far bigger part in this game than the “correct” setup, and a good player can make (practically) anything work.

Gonna stream some Dual Daggers if people want to see that

I recently started experimenting with shade and i found i really enjoy SnD+volley crossbow.

Special ability + SnD heavy kills everything infront of you that isnt a boss if hit from behind, at one point i seriously managed to instakill 3 clustered chaos warriors and it was priceless and that is just one application of it.

For that particular power i also have a high crit setup with resourceful combatant for more special ability usage.

On the crossbow i use the ammo for headshots as its own base ammo is low, a bit of careful shooting and you can take down a horde walking in a line and still have ammo left, or just shoot them down enough that they wont be a problem in melee.

As shade is squishy i tend to dodge around a lot and only go forward if i am very confident, in case of melee hordes i prefer standing slightly behind my frontline and charge back and forth with the first SnD heavy which is a cleaving attack, cancel into block after to reset the attack chain so you can keep using the first heavy.

Its been feeling good to play this but it does take having your dodging game down^^

I will have to give the snd a try cuz having the first strong do that is pretty awesome and allows for some actual (albeit small) cc with the ult. Also I am so thankful for all you guys help on all this, it really gives me some insight and different views and ways to run this character. I see one of the most important things is to get the orange gear so I can roll for abilities on the gear. should I worry about any of that though while in still under level 30 and power level is only 285?

Until you get your Item power to 300, you shouldn’t worry too much about your exact gear, as the equipment gets outdated quite fast before that. Use that time to learn the different weapons’ styles and find what fits you, and only start actively optimizing your equipment once the item power hits 300. Otherwise you’re wasting dusts, and you’ll have quite enough need for that later.

ok I thought so thanks. Although my main thing I tend to be running short on is scrap to craft xD wish it only cost 5 instead of 10.

Nice to see other people experience some BS too.


Going to try and stream again, but I’m only playing WS because of how bad spawns are rn

Hmmm you can probably ignore optimization for a while then but the weapon trait that reduces ability cooldown really is quite helpful to the shade.

But ah really, there is probably no need to worry about that until much later, just go ahead and practice dodging and blocking, thats always useful.

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