Popular or cool builds

Just a thread for people to share their favorite builds / traits or weapon combos, im pretty interested in how you all like to play, i’ll be posting some of mine here in the future, just getting the thread going. :smiley:

Shade with Resourceful Combatant daggers + Cloak of Mist. Not as good in clearing, but stupid good at clutching.

Yeah, combined with Vanish a lot of people think its a pretty broken build, I sometimes tend to avoid it just because of how strong it is, although I did play a “just for fun” version where I stacked a ton of crit / attack speed and used the 2h elf sword, it was pretty fun, not particularly insane or anything, but I enjoyed it.

Hm a couple that arent mainstream( i think) comes to mind.

Shade - cloak of pain - dual daggers w parry - Volley bow - Talent choices except the final one are the same as the mistbuild but since you spend less time invisible i use parry on the daggers for better stamina. That makes dealing with hordes and elites rather smooth, the crossbow meanwhile i know isnt popular but i love it for it´s versatility. It can rapidly gun down a packmaster riding inside a horde or a few monks that are too close to be sniped by several careful longbow shots.

Waystalker - dual swords - longbow - piercing arrrow. Talent tree goes 2 - X - 2 - X or 2 - 1 - 1. Swift slaying and conservative shooter.

X means you can use whatever you like on the row, does not matter at all.

Dual blades are possibly the best anti horde weapon the elf has and the only competition is the spear that does better with mixed hordes…focus on this stuff since being able to fight off a sudden zerg rush is never wrong. However the failing point is the struggle with chaos warriors&bosses&armor and thus longbow&piercing arrow are chosen to fill those holes.

My builds on the other careers i play are rather standard and seem to be what most people i meet in QP use.

I like the xbow a lot on shade, partially for lore reasons, but its a solid ranged option either way, I dont often feel myself wanting for ammo, and the tripple shot handles most threats well.

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Slayer with Great-Axe and Throwing Axes.

I use the Great-Axe because it’s a great axe. It’s awesome.
Many would consider the 2h hammer better. But the 2h hammer is just a big mallet. Not a Great Axe.

The Throwing Axes with +10% Bonus vs Armor guarantee 1-hit kills on all armored specials.
And about mostly 1-hit bodyshot on SV.

By charging the Throwing Axe you can cleave it through hordes, when they conveniently run in straight line.

Nothing else really standing out in my build.

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Do you feel that the jump already staggers enough to skip using the talent boosting that on the final row?

Also, how come you use mainstay instead of smiter with the lower cleave axe? Takes 2 hits to even activate the full effect of it on a stormvermin but they kinda die by then do they not?

I love to use double dual axes on slayer. First with vs. skaven, armor and parry and second pair with chaos and swift slaying. Very enjoyable build for four-handed gameplay :laughing:

Favorite build: Axe & Shield Ironbreaker


  • Opportunist with Skaven & Block Cost Reduction on weapon
  • Flamer with Barrage and Skaven / Infantry
  • Barkskin with Health & BCR on Necklace
  • Trinket with Skaven / Chaos
  • Charm with Stamina and Revive Speed (Yeah, really.)


  • THP on Stagger
  • Under Pressure (The talent really grew on me for Flamer lately!)
  • Enhanced Power (To make the Plaguemonk stagger breakpoint, and Chaos on trinket helps with other ones and for the Flamer. Besides: the other two options aren’t great on A&S anyways.)
  • Gromril Curse
  • Stamina on Power Attack
  • Bigger Ult radius (For some spectacular save-teammates-from-specials situations.)

Proper Dawi fighting style, right there. Not the most powerful setup in the game, and it takes a different mindset from pretty much most of every other setup in the game, but not bad at all once you get it down. I’ll write a guide with more in-depth information someday, maybe.

Runner-up: Footknight with Mace & Shield


  • Opportunist with BCR
  • Repeater Handgun
  • Health & BCR
  • Stamina Regen
  • Attack Speed (It’s a slow weapon after all.)


  • THP on Stagger
  • Crowd Clearer (Pushing all the time anyways, and your guard is up faster after.)
  • Mainstay (Pushattack goes “bonk!”. Probably one of the only setups where Mainstay is a great pick…)
  • Tag Team (Power bonus is great for breakpoints, and when bodyguarding a squishy teammate it can save them in spectacular fashion as well.)
  • Counter Punch (Synergy with pushattacks is great.)
  • Battering Ram (Cause you’re a bloody one.)

Batterin’ pactsworn all day. Love this class. Soured every other Kruber on account of “not being him” for me, though. As with IB: Not the most meta setup, but once you get it down it’s not bad at all, and it brings me great joy to play. Really resonates with me. Some people might say spamming pushattacks is stupid, but 2000 pactsworn with cracked skulls in my wake say otherwise. (And there actually is more to this setup, as well.)

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Popular? No.
Fun? Yes!

Ranged Only Swiftbow Stalker with 15% Crit chance and 30% armored/skaven. Two shots SV and three shots everything but monsters and CWs. Just horde clear everything with that juicy Swiftbow.

Flamer 40% chaos/infantry Under Pressure Ironbreaker. Burn everything! Pick up a pick axe to mine salt while you flame. (Very toxic)

Great hammer with opportunist, Bull of Ostland, Crowd Clearer, Foot Knight. Batter up!

Mace and Sword, Virtue of Knightly Temper, Grail Knight, 15% crit. Even better with a WHC. Make sure you say “critted” every time a SV dies to a single light/half a heavy. Or when a CW dies much too quickly.

Smite, Volley Xbox Zealot. Blast monsters!

Bounty Hunter: Righteous Combat, 40% crit power 20% armor, enhanced power. One Shot CWs with a headshot. Still kill SV without a crit.

Dupe Ranger. Dupe chance for meds. Healshare to spread the love. Ammo and potion drops for days. Wear red to cosplay as Santa too.

Headshot training chamber: WHC with headshots for temp health, bonus headshot damage. Only use the axe.

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I did have “Crunch” for a short while but it just didn’t really feel significant enough.
The 25% bonus movement speed however definitely are worth it.
The mobility really is useful as hell, especially in clutch-scenarios.

I have to admit I never really bothered with “Mainstay” vs “Smiter”.
So I decided it to test it out with creature spawner and some math and came to the conclusion “Smiter” is better, thank you!

On SV you don’t really notice any difference.
In practice against a Cata CW it can save 1-2 hits.

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DoT debuff UC.

https://www.ranaldsgift.com/ this site doesn’t work on Mobile well, that’s why I don’t have a link to the UC build right now ;-;

But take Outburst, Enfeebling Flames, and the Flame aura ult. Most of the time I see this build ran with dagger because heavy 1 has lots of stagger and sets things on fire, use push or push attack after heavy to apply more DoT in a wide arc to enemies, rinse and repeat. Also dagger has a high headshot damage when it’s time to dish out regular attacks.

Beam staff works well with it, shotgun blast to build heat/debuff enemies. Any staff besides Bolt could work, but I think Beam is more versatile.

At high heat you have high melee so throw in as many melee attacks between DoT/debuff attacks as you want. It lacks in armor damage, boss damage, and CC, but still more fun and less cheesy than Bomb Balm builds.

Only time you need to vent is to mitigate gas/flamer/gunner damage or if you just really want to range attack some more.

Flame Aura Ult does a decent amount of damage with strength pot + debuff makes it strong versus Chaos Patrols in helping everyone else stay alive.

EDIT: back home, here’s the link https://www.ranaldsgift.com/15/223212/2,4,3,6/1,3,5,1/2,3,1/4,5,4/6,7,1

All builds are for Legendary and under. (I’m bored at work…)


Merc : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/1/121223/18,4,3,6/12,6,5,1/1,2,1/1,5,2/2,7,1
Ranger : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/2/212312/33,4,3,6/14,6,8,7/1,2,1/5,6,2/2,7,3
FK : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/3/211132/20,1,3,3/14,6,8,1/1,2,1/1,5,2/2,7,3 (Support)
https://www.ranaldsgift.com/3/232123/20,4,3,6/14,6,8,1/1,2,1/6,5,2/2,7,3 (DPS)(with other weapon and stats you can get higher damage but I really like the mace/shield)
GK : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/16/212131/21,1,4,6/43,4,3,6/1,2,1/1,5,1/2,7,3 (S/S)
https://www.ranaldsgift.com/16/221111/17,1,4,6/18,4,3,6/1,2,1/1,5,1/2,7,3 (GS/GS)


RV : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/4/231313/37,1,3,6/24,5,6,1/1,2,3/1,5,3/4,7,2
IB : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/5/232212/11,4,3,6/7,5,4,1/1,2,1/6,5,2/2,7,3
S : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/6/112321/37,4,1,6/10,3,4,6/1,2,1/1,6,2/2,7,3
E : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/17/222311/37,3,1,6/7,5,4,1/1,2,1/1,5,2/2,7,3


WS : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/7/133233/25,3,4,6/17,5,1,7/1,2,1/1,5,2/2,7,3
HM : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/8/131323/25,3,1,6/16,4,3,1/1,2,1/1,5,2/2,7,3
S : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/9/122123/25,3,4,6/18,1,5,7/1,2,1/1,5,2/2,7,3


WH : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/10/122322/32,1,4,6/21,8,6,1/1,2,1/1,5,2/2,7,3
BH : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/11/133322/40,3,4,6/21,2,8,7/1,2,1/1,5,2/2,7,3
Z : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/12/121233/39,1,3,6/21,6,8,1/1,2,4/1,5,2/1,7,3


BW : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/13/231221/2,1,3,6/4,5,6,1/1,2,1/1,5,2/1,7,3
Pyro : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/14/122323/42,4,3,6/1,5,4,1/1,2,1/1,5,2/2,7,3
U : https://www.ranaldsgift.com/15/212123/1,1,3,6/1,5,4,1/1,2,1/1,5,2/2,7,3

Headshot WHC. Thp on headshot/crit, Deathknell, Heretic Sighted, Charmed Life, max attack speed and crit chance excluding Wild Fervour. Rapier/BoP. My favourite build in the game. Not exactly unique, but different from the Flense meta. Feels good getting thp when doing well and landing headshots. BoP for as low as possible melee downtime. Great at kiting and fighting at the same time, with enough reach and speed to use charged attacks to pick out targets in mixed hordes without getting hit.

Pure Aggression Slayer. Dual Axes for mobility/chip damage, Greataxe for single target dps and horde dps. Max movement speed for kiting hordes and to keep a Chaos Spawn in one spot by continually baiting its stationary overhead without dodging. Oblivious to Pain for thematic reasons.

Lazy Hit Trading Zealot. 10% Damage Reduction vs Chaos on Neck, Calloused Without and Within, max healing received from Holy Fortitude + Boon of Shallya and Feel Nothing for when the burst damage taken is too much. Can facetank anything and recover immediately. 10% CDR on Trinket for getting Feel Nothing asap in case passive is triggered. Damage reduction reduces cooldown return when getting hit, but this build safer than a full Feel Nothing build while still enjoying the benefits.

Mobility RV. Maxing out attack speed helps with the MWP’s slow shots, and makes the move techs for the Dual Hammers (L1 > block cancel/animation cancel and push attack > L4) very fast. Drunken Brawler can be swapped with Grungni’s Cunning and Scrounger with Hunter/Barrage depending on your ammo consumption. Dual Hammer’s stagger strength combined with max move & attack speed, this build ends up being very slippery. 100 dodges on MWP helps.

Mobility Pyro. Max movement speed and attack speed makes the dagger move techs very fast, and Hunter + Smiter and Pyro’s crit chance makes this build very competent in melee. Need to manage heat more precisely due to not having The Volans Doctrine, but the mobility is a lot of fun.

My go to/default setup for Merc. Decanter + Str pot on this will let the Greatsword demolish any patrol with heavy chaining. The high power lets the push stagger SV out of their non-overhead attacks, while Stand Clear + the Greatsword lets the build kite everything else.

Bully UC. It’s like FK but with more damage. Stagger locks anything short of a boss. Will stagger lock multiple CWs out of their overheads at 4 stacks of Unstable Strength with Flaming Flail’s first heavy attack, without any help from Barrage.

I don’t play Sienna a heap, but here’s a build I started messing around with pretty recently that I’ve had a fair bit of fun with.

Basically just boils down to Battle Wizard with Flamestorm Staff, Rechannel, Volcanic Force, and Burnout. I run heat sink on the staff and don’t really have a set melee weapon for the build.

Just feels great to fully charge the flamethrower in like a second courtesy of Rechannel, Ult to a good position where you won’t flame your team too much, then unleash the full burst before ulting right back to your team. Thanks to Volcanic that one burst is very likely to wipe out most of what it hits, then you can just use it in short bursts like normal till you get another good opportunity to full charge.

I have no idea how popular or widely used this build is (I presume not very). Is it the most effective way to use BW? Certainly not. Is it the optimal way to use Flamestorm Staff? Also probably not. I find it a lot of fun while doing well enough though, and it has a more dynamic and distinctive feel than the more meta builds I’ve used on BW.

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AS+Chaos (Charm and Weapon) Greataxe Slayer, with Power stacking.

Cleaving through entire Hordes is pretty crazy, and the damage it does to Chaos Warriors is really satisfying.

Playing it with a FK who spam staggers for you gets pretty bonkers too.

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