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Not sure if this has been done before, did a quick search on the forum and didn’t see anything. Thought this might be useful for newer people who want to max their damage output but don’t know where to start. I know when I first start playing MMOs and stuff, I normally first google the class I want to play and find out how to make it the best. I’ll start by posting the builds for the characters I main. Please add your own as well and let us know why you take certain stats and traits.


So this build lets you hit all the breakpoints for the Longbow. You can 1 shot all specials and elites with headshots. Enemies like gutter runners can be taken out with two quick normal left click shots. The glaive destroys hordes and can 1 shot SV and 2 shot CWs with head shots.


The longbow properties are switch compared to WS, but you still hit all the breakpoints. I really like the Dual daggers on the Handmaiden, they sync so well with her ULT.


This build lets you 1 shot SV when holding a grim with the 2nd heavy attack. Which you can quickly transition to with her push stab. Just your general overpowered shade build.

Witch Hunter Captain


Yea, drop your HP to 30. Now you have 6 damage stacks for an extra 30% damage. GG, go be a god. Also, if you are about to die, your passive will trigger, making you invincible for a short amount of time. During this time, you can drink a potion to heal or even use a first aid kit without being interrupted. It’s pretty hard to fail with this build. With his ULT, you get Temp HP back from each mob hit. ULT and then block push attack into a horde for the sideways slash, massive temp HP on hits.

So those are the characters I’ve been playing lately. Feel free to add in your own. I’ll chuck in my builds for other classes when I get some free time tomorrow. Also, feel free to ask why I choose certain properties and traits etc. I’ll do my best to explain

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Bounty Hunter built to kill specials and Chaos Warriors :smiley:
The really only two important things of this build are:

  • max our your crit power, so you can do great damage with the repeater pistol and your passive and can even kill Chaos Warriors in one burst from not too far away
  • “Make them count” -talent aka reduce your ranged weapon spread by 25%, which really gives your repeater pistol a lot of range compared to default (nice against specials and stuff)
    And of course “Prize bounty”-talent, because repeater pistol just chews through your ammo

Shade yolo build (or something like that) :smiley:
Definitely not the best build for shade at all. Just went for max attack speed (without the influence of swift slaying) + max crit power for max boss killing :smiley:
If you want to be most effective with shade, you’d probably go s&d and different properties/traits/talents. But it’s funny with all the attack speed and d&d are still by far the best at destroying bosses. I’m pretty sure, you wouldn’t even need decanter and could go for something like potion retain or maybe even concotion pf.

Some interesting choices there. I’m so used to 20% dodge that I feel crippled without it. I see that you went for 3THP instead of 5% crit/attack speed for the party. And btw, which melee and props are you wielding?

I was the same with the dodge range, but when I started using BoP again, the extra ammo was just too good. I prefer the THP as you don’t even need to tag the targets anymore. Any special/elite target gives 3THP for the entire party. It can stack up pretty fast on legend, especially on deeds. I just feel it helps out more.

As for the melee, to be perfectly honest, it’s my Zealot weapon and charm. I just threw it on since it’s so easy to use. And with the headshot bonus, you can dispatch CWs pretty quick. Obviously, I still prefer the Raiper, this build is just for being lazy. Raiper lets you 1 shot SV and so on. I’m actually not sure about the properties for charm and A&F. I know on Zealot, this build lets you hit a lot of breakpoints, to 1 shot horde mobs and 2 hit maulers. Not sure if it carries over to WHC, but it feels good so far.

The monster and skaven on the pistols with Chaos on charm lets you hit that extra 20% damage on all bosses. Pop your potion, tag the boss, throw your bomb, and then empty your pistols into the boss. It’s a very good chunk of health gone, 50-60%.

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pyromancer attackspeedbuild

the blockcostreduction isnt needed i just had this items around and
it lets me block abit more often if i have to but you can swap the reduction out
for more attackspeed or + power vs X

the nice thing about this pyro is, she likes to be in melee, the more crap is around her the happier she is
you might get hit every now and then, but when u get chunked low you simply press your ulti and your basiclly at full HP again

not venting on ulti doesnt mean your not allow or able to spam your fireball around like a crazyperson
so the goal on this build is, to mix range with melee
you blast enemys from afare(or upclose) to get your stacksup and then you slaughter them

thepower vs X i have on it, is a simple selection of what i wanna do more dmg against not based on breakpoints

*edit 1 2nd talent can be changed to take less dmg from being disabled
the overcharge decayspeed is not selected as this build likes overcharge

*edit 2 this build is not limited to any specific melee weapon, basiclly any of them should work
dagger is viable, so as it is allready very fast it might not benefit the most of it, mace and crowthingy work very well with it, firesword i havent tested it with enough to say it would be good/bad

Fast & Funny Tercio (Mercenary)


melee weapon is up to you, as example i used his new duo weapon as it is always a sweet pick
but just use whatever you feel good with

the blunderbuss + the merc critchance means you have infinte ammo, no pickups needed, no ranger needed
you just shoot your blunderbuss at anything you want, and when you need ammo you use the blunderbuss bash, perfed into a horde and your good to spam again

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3rd talent can be dissipate, in that case the blockcost reduction item are overkill and you can put things like power vs X instead

if you like a more risky way of playing (i cant recommend this to newer players so it is fun) switch fireball staff with flamestorm staff with barrage for extra melee dmg bonus

the flamestorm version i recommend in a premade group with atleast 1 person you know, as your totally useless for longrange so you have to be sure that there is that one person that will deal with longrange problems

I’m not a Sienna player at all. But since fireball staff can already 1 shot skaven hordes, wouldn’t it make more sense to do Chaos and Armoured on the charm? To help taking down CW with the crowbill. And the armour would work with SV as well. I’d throw Chaos and Armoured on the staff as well. As with 2x Chaos, you should be 1 shotting chaos hordes as well. But as I said, I’m not a Sienna player.

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the power vs isnt meant to help with hordes, its main reason i selected it is to melt sv patrols faster and to get rid of packmasters faster
ofc this is just my preferd stats on the items
for me it doesnt make a big deal if i have to blast 2 fireballs into a chaoshorde or 1 so i did not select stats that would aid me there

ofc + power vs chaos would also be a good pick, vs armoured i never found that helpful, but i am not that into breakpoints, im sure someone that goes over the numbers will be able to give more ideal setup information

for me the power vs X is only ever selected to burst down something faster if thats now 1 or 2 hits has never botherd me

the only thing i can say for my selected stats, they are meant for normal legend, they work totally fine in any deed setup(because i often forget to change my setup for deeds), so in an ideal world i might change items according to the map and the modifier but i did not bother to go into those things :confused: because im a lazy guy

*edit (took a while inetwasdown)
so in that case, should someone find hordes to be a concern the suggestion smoker made to switch to more chaos is totally viable
imo extra chaos is not needed, unchained with 4-5 stacks kills maulers and CW´s really fast and i try to not blast hordes away as they basiclly are mobile tempHP for me(and if i am full HP then for the rest of my team)

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