Guide: Git Gud @ HS RQ

Just made this for someone on Reddit so thought I’d post it here to go along with the others. I intended to do one for every class to go along with the guides I’ve already posted but have been holding out for the game to get some much needed dev love and customer service upgrades. Not about to withhold something I’ve already put time into though so hope this helps some people.

Here’s a breakdown of the only two builds on HS I personally recommend to people, with the caveat that some other builds have higher burst damage potential (see bottom) but are more dependent on factors outside of your control for sustainability.

First, I recommend Handgun over Longbow. The reason for this is that Kruber has exceptional melee for dealing with hordes, which is where Longbow excels compared to Handgun. While Longbow isn’t bad, I consider the most important aspect of Kruber min:max to be utterly destroying all CW, SSV, specials, and bosses with a high degree of sustainability. The other reason I prefer Handgun to Longbow is personal taste, due to the Longbow’s clunky aiming mechanics and the fact that at the ranges you want to be shooting things in the head at, the Longbow reticle is simply wider than the targets’ heads, so you’re not in full control of your headshot success.

Handgun Build

This build puts your own sustainability firmly under your control and destroys every heavy target in the game. This build focuses on Power vs instead of crits. With it, you can spam shots as much as you want and always be able to grow back to a full pouch of ammo while decimating the only real threats in the game. You will likely score lower total damage and kills overall than you would with the Longbow build but you will have a more impactful team contribution with this vis a vis you teabag the things that need teabagging the most,100% of the time and especially when you most need it.

Talents: LRLMR or LMLMR

Lvl 5 - On Target and Outdoorsman are both superfluous when using Handgun, the spread for which is already tighter than you really need. Keem 'Em Coming gives you critical reload speed and it synergizes with your ult.

Lvl 10 - Make ‘Em Bleed and Hands Off! are both reasonable choices. I personally take Hands Off! when using Handgun because I’m sacrificing a lot of crit to ensure you have the consistent, raw power to eliminate the heavy targets that matter most, so you’re not proc’ing Make’ Em Bleed as much with this build.

Lvl 15 - I suggest Taal’s Blessing over the others here for consistency and sustainability. This is why I pointed out in the intro that some other builds have more potential. I suggest this over the headshot depends self-buffs because no matter how good you are, you simply aren’t always landing the headshots you need to make those perks consistently work, especially when you need them the most, and you’re reducing your ammo regen by 1/3rd to do it. This means that you’d even more dependent on headshots all of the time, meaning you have to spend more time aiming, meaning your killing less, all for perks that pretty only help vs CW patrols and bosses where you’re already extremely strong. You can potentially get away with Thrill of the Hunt but it synergizes poorly with the fact you’re aiming way more carefully than you need to if you’re running Taal’s Blessing just for a lil more burst DPS.

Lvl 20 - Self explanatory.

Lvl 25 - I’m Coming for Ya is pretty much mandatory. The other options don’t synergize well with what this career is all about: heavyweight problem solving.

Melee Weapon: Executioner’s Sword or Halberd

Since this build’s ranged weapon doesn’t help a ton during hordes, you need a good horde clear weapon. Both Ex Sword and Halberd provide.

Properties/Trait: Since this build still has max possible melee crit, I recommend Attack Speed +5%, Crit Chance +5%, and Swift Slaying.

Ranged Weapon: Handgun

Go Power vs Chaos +10%, Power vs Armour +10%, and Conservative Shooter. All of the problems you’re trying to solve are either Chaos or Armoured. Everything else gets wrect w/o devoting Power vs to it or still gets wrecked fast enough + stagger that it’s not worth devoting power vs to it. Chaos+Armoured all the way. Conservative Shooter is the last piece of the sustainability puzzle, allowing you to fire at will without having to worry about running out unless you really screw something up.


Stamina +2, Health +20%, Boon of Shalya. Added lethality via more stamina for pushes. Much needed added survivability through stamina and health and Boon. I strongly encourage you to use Boon, as this career really needs to be able to get temp health returns in melee to reliably contribute.


Power vs Chaos +10%, Power vs Armour +10%, Decanter. Again, this lets you wreck CW and gives you boosts vs Champs and Chaos Bosses (the only bosses that present any challenge anyways). Some people argue for Concoction but I prefer Decanter.


Crit Chance +5%, Curse Resistance +33%, Shrapnel. Self explanatory.

Longbow Build

This build has good overall performance but sacrifices some heavy hitting for improved ranged performance vs hordes, somewhat artificially inflating its performance on the scorecard. It’s still a totally viable way of doing the class but, as every other character in the game already does precisely what this build seeks to do, often much better, I do encourage Handgun instead as it fills a unique and valuable niche. This build focuses on min:maxing crits and crit interactions, and its potential crit rate is pretty extreme.

Talents: MMMMR

Melee Weapon: Mace, Ex Sword, Halberd, or Sword

You can’t go wrong with Ex Sword or Halberd but the fact that the Longbow is so effective vs hordes means you can actually be super defensive in your melee selection with this build. Both Mace and Sword over high mobility blocking, with Mace offering (stupidly imo) 4.5 base stamina (compared to a shields 5 base stamina because, “logic”). If you decide to go Ex Sword or Halberd for a hybridized melee/ranged approach I recommend Attack Speed, Crit Chance, and Swift Slaying. If you prefer for your offense to be almost exclusively ranged, I suggest Mace or Sword with Stamina +2, Block Cost Reduction +30%, and either Off Balance or Parry.

Ranged Weapon: Longbow

Crit Chance +5%, Crit Power +20%, Scrounger. Again, this build is going balls out on min:maxing Huntsman’s awesome crit potential. Scrounger + Makin’ It Look Easy + Waste Not, Want Not makes for excellent sustainability. It’s a lil RNG dependent but more than enough to ensure you’re never wanting for ammo between pickups.


If you went with Ex Sword or Halberd, go Stamina, Health, Boon. If you went with Mace or Sword, go with Health, Block Cost Reduction, and Boon. Technically, Natural Bond works decently with the Longbow build but since your ammo sustainability it’s a guarantee I don’t recommend it.


If you’re using Ex Sword or Halberd, choose Attack speed and Crit Power. If you’re using Mace or Halberd, choose Crit Power + Power vs Chaos.


Crit Chance + Curse Resistance.

Pro Tips

Regardless of which build you choose, be cognizant of the following:

  • Weapon swaps can be whorish on Kruber

  • If you’re out of ammo, using your ult gives you 1 ammo, giving you an opportunity to replenish your ammo with a carefully aimed headshot

  • If you’re really hurting on ammo and you’re in a good team of super-aggro players, don’t be afraid to communicate that you need to headshot a few ambients via voice comms to make sure someone doesn’t stagger what you’re aiming at and screw you over.

  • With either build, don’t waste time going for the perfect shot every time. Be technically proficient and be able to quickly get headshots but settle for body shots, especially when you know it’s going to be a kill anyways and you don’t need the ammo. With the Handgun build, you only need a few headshots to be fully back in business at full ammo and with the Longbow build, your insane crit rate + scrounger means you can spam into hordes until the cows come home.

  • Don’t be afraid to use your ult during hordes. A lot of people tend to sit on their ults too much, so keep in mind that power +20% works on melee too. Especially good vs chaos hordes, since you’re already stacking power vs for em. This is a great way of making sure you’re always winning the temp health race while going balls out horde-diving.

Alternative Builds

You can throw sustainability to the wind and trade all of your ammo regen abilities/traits for damage boosting ones. I don’t recommend it, personally, as sustainable builds still perform great and they’re a lot more fun. With non-sustainability focused approaches you’re really pulling your punches and holding out for moments that may never come.

Hope this helps.


Oh good, I was going to ask about this too :smiley:
thank you!

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I prefer concoction on the HG build as I love pulling all pot bonuses while in your ult hammering a boss. Other than that a great post!

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Ya know…I gotta try the handgun out on Hunts again. Hows is handgun vs longbow for boss damage?
I currently have my Hunts spec’d as a Monster killer with LB but this elite slaying build sounds quite fun.
Just curious about boss damage vs the two.

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It’s a lot better boss dmg IMO. That was the first reason I decided to try it, cuz lb vs bosses fet like I had a peashooter even with headshots and ult and pot and crits and max possible power vs.


Well then! I feel ya a bit on the “pea shooter” after…what was it 1.0.8? Even with the build spec’d out for boss killing I felt it was really luck/crit dependant to really chunk a bosses health down. Also, going with that build sacrificed damage a bit vs CW and SV.
Hopefully will have some time to try it out tonight. Thanks!

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Yeh after that patch I did a boss on lb where I popped a Strength pot and a Conc pot, landed the max possible number of shots with headshots keeping crit +25% up the whole time and I completely ignored the horde to focus the boss and in the end I still had less boss damage than, iirc, a BH who didn’t have a pot and was primarily focussing the horde :sweat_smile: I was like “f this.”

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i run handgun skaven/monster and charm chaos/infantry.

basically +10% skaven/chaos/infantry will allow you to 1hit kill any special at any range, so u can slap on whatever you want for the other property slot on the handgun.

i love to detect and hunt specials down and killing them, and i am quite forced to play classes that focus on doing so because too many people are oblivious to their sound cues, so this build is like super duper fun for me. i pick off all the elites while watching others have fun tearing all the little ratties apart

You already ohko everything with the build I listed. The only thing that doesn’t instagib w a body shot with 2x chaos/armour is gas rats, which go into neutralized/suicide mode anyways if you miss the head.

The spread you listed is almost completely wasted because, in practice, we don’t eliminate any threats faster with it than with 2x Chaos/Armour; everything that has a useful break you’re trying to hit with that power vs spread hits the same or better breakpoint with the guide spread. It basically just loses every important power vs CW breakpoint and only gains a buff vs Roger, who’s a pushover anyways. The guide build can can do everything the one you’re using can but it can 1-shot headshot CW in ult and 2-shot them outside of ult; it’s pretty important as that’s handgun’s greatest strength.

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but that’s not ohko if it doesn’t kill, maiming a gasrat is debatably dangerous!

but yes i get your build tho, quick kills on chaos warriors are good. being able to kill an overheading chopping CW about to instagib your oblivious wizard is fun =D

also, notice your stats are chaos chaos armour armour, i remember i can’t ohko packmasters with that, did something change?

in my testing, i wasn’t able to attain bodyshot ohko for all specials without skaven/chaos/infantry combo.

You can ohko body shot Packrats without any Power vs X. There’s no breakpoint for it. The only notable breakpoints we don’t hit with max Power vs Chaos/Armour are for:

  • Berserkers - requires >3stacks of Power vs Skaven/Berserkers / Chaos/Berserkers, which prevents us from hitting other breakpoints, so lolno. Kruber also obliterates them with Ex Sword/Halberd anyways; and
  • Gas Rats - requires minimum ~2stacks into Skaven/Inf, which doesn’t help whatsoever with any other enemy cuz we already ohko em.

So it’s a huge sacrifice just to ohko something we already technically ohko vis a vis it stops attacking and kills itself with the caveat that:

Which is true, but if you miss the head it stops throwing and:

  • The vast majority of the time, it’ll suicide well away from the party since they can’t traverse platforms or obstacles in their murder-suicide state. We can always tell whether or not we can leave it to die;
  • If it is on the same plain as you and within running distance, You have a solid 5-10 seconds to shoot it again before it reaches the party, if needed;
  • It’s sometimes advantageous to put a Globadier into a suicide state so that you can pop it where his death-gas pwns the enemy horde;
  • The audio queue for the suicide is arguably the loudest and most recognizable in the game, so if it does somehow reach the party, anyone with a pulse will simply dodge the explosion. People generally only get hit by it when trying to pop it in melee at the last second.

So ultimately, speccing for gas rat means speccing for only gas rat when we already control the situation with them w/o speccing, and we have to sacrifice critical CW deletion to do.


Solid advice overall. Correct me if I’m missing something but it seems you are sacrificing horde clear to chase a breakpoint on only Chaos warriors, and only then when you are using your ult, to kill them in 2 shots instead of 3. Outside of ult it would require a crit, which isn’t a guarantee. By not taking vs Skaven on Charm it then takes double the amount of swings with halberd to horde clear clan rats, when it only requires around 5% vs skaven to one hit them with the sweep. Why “Chaos+Armoured all the way”?

You could just take crit chance and skaven on your halberd? I also take the trait that reduces cooldown of your ult on your main weapon as most of the time, you’re going to be doing the block + push, cleave combo. Which allows you to CC lock hordes.

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So I tried this build out and I quite like it.
I did roll with Power vs Skaven, attack speed on Halberd. May try rolling one with power vs Skaven and crit chance with resourceful.
Kills CW a bit faster than longbow.
More boss damage than longbow…especially Chaos bosses ofc.
Undecided if I like this build or longbow build better.


There’s a lot of leeway on how one handles their Power vs on this and some comes down to preference, so that’s definitely not wrong to do. Since we already ohko specials w/o it, and since I don’t consider the Skaven faction’s trash mobs to be at all threatening, I just prefer to do better vs Chaos and Chaos bosses, especially in a team environment. Personally, if I was to give up a spot for Power vs Skaven though it’d be on my melee weapon and not my charm, as @hanzy suggested. I still prefer Att/Crit but there’s certainly nothing wrong with trading one for faster slave kills.