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I’m just wanted to share this build for the waystalker that i find EXTREMELY addictive and fun and has absolutely revitalised my game since the DLC has hit. I’ve been around all the classes, trying to find one i absolutely adore, and i think i’ve finally settled on one that i can just sit back and enjoy. the swiftbow/double daggers on the waystalker, with maximum crit chance, scrounger, trueflight ammo return. i just shoot, and shoot, and shoot and shoot and shoot. and shoot. and stab armor in the head for sexy points.

basically it’s a build that uses the swiftbow for mowing down unarmoured targets, and softening up harder targets to be killed quickly with double daggers. i kinda feel a bit like legolas in LOTR, fighting a horde in close quarters with the bow only, without needing to draw melee when engaged. it’s incredibly fun to shoot multiple rats real close just before they can take a swing at your face.

everyone knows the lethality of double daggers on elites and bosses, and it’s also extremely satisfying to get that crit double stab on a chaos warrior or stormvermin. with that much armour in the game on legend, daggers will see a lot of use for armour. maulers and berserkers die real fast to light attack bow spams (also exhilarating to do in close quarters)

it’s also a very safe build, basically staying behind and picking off enemies with a barrage of arrows. the swiftbow has no zoom or movement speed slowdown while aiming down sights, so you’re pretty much playing a strafer. awesome for pushing ahead quickly, retreating, covering fire (especially when running away in end events like festering grounds, blightreaper, the pit)

i love mowing down infantry with it. highly satisfying.

recommended if you haven’t tried it out yet =) parry on my daggers for some sexy blocking when needed too.

getting surrounded is the only weakness of the build, but with proper positioning, it can be avoided.

just sharing my happiness in playing this setup =) feel free to share your thoughts!

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oh man. totally! =D

I’ve tried a few different builds with the swiftbow using different traits. Even a CDR build XD

It’s fun, but… muh hagbane

How is the boss damage on swift bow?

According to my experience… Decent. Nothing fantastic, but you can spam it enough to have an impact. If you can get headshots, it’s better per arrow, but maybe slightly slower altogether. Might bear actual testing, though, as paying attention to this kind of thing in the middle of a run is difficult.

Just played a couple of rounds. You are right, @mookanana, it is tons of fun and I find horde clearing actually alot faster than with hagbane. Of course, boss damage is lacking, but I run barrage for that and it works.

Keri of Duty!

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my experience with elves who use bows in hordes is that they teamshot you in the back frequently and die quickly. It’s actually even worse than bad BH players.

That’s part of the fun!

LOL yes i was thinking that as well. it totally becomes CoD with rats

it’s not that good, however, i prioritise getting up close and personal with dagger damage which is really good on bosses. the good thing about it is, it’s a fantastic filler attack when it’s dangerous to get close to the boss, so you are basically always attacking.

learning not to friendly fire with the swiftbow, while maximising dps, is part of the fun =D ESPECIALLY in a horde situation.

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