Best waystalker build?

hi! curently i’m enjoying waystalker a lot but i can’t figure out which is the best build (talents/traits/properties)

can you help me pls?

ps:i think crit build with scrounger could be good but thats all…

Depends on which difficulty you are on i think, lower ones lets you get away with a lot of things.

But, for myself on champion i found a setup with high crit and scrounger to be good indeed, and also the melee weapon trait that gives you attackspeed for a few seconds after a crit.

Then there is this…i think its the trinket? That can have either curse resistance or crit chance, i make an exception for this and take curse resistance.

As for talents:
T1 5% crit.
T2 crit damage enhancement.
T3 Enhanced self regen,
T4 Kills give temp health.
T5 Ammo when using special ability.

This is how i usually roll, shortbow and longbow seems to be the main ranged weapons while spear is very dominant for melee.

I would change this to Bodkin (increased headshot damage), but only if you are steady enough on your hand to regularly score headshots.

Traits and properties on the other hand are more interesting. I’ve arranged it in a table for readabilities sake.

Slot Item Properties Trait
1st melee glaive attack speed (for some reason 5% help alot vs chaos warriors, I believe you cannot get two hits in between block without 5% increased attack speed) and increased block / push angle (to get out of hairy situations) Resourceful Combatant (lower cd on active, your active is bread and butter for arrow regen and burst damage for killing specials getting your friends)
2nd melee spear both stamina Oppotunist (massive push when timing blocks)
1st ranged Longbow Both crit stats (chance + power) Conservative Shooter (if you are steady enough to headshot most of the time), else Scrounger (ammo on crit)
2nd range Shortbow Both crit stats (chance + power) Resourceful Sharpshooter (for ammo regen on active quicker) or any other ammo regen trait
necklace Any of stamina / push / block Natural Bond (if nibble enough on the dodge), else Hand of Shallya (so you get something when you heal others)
charm attack speed + crit power Decanter (+50% duration)
trinket curse resistant + whatever rocks your boat (I enjoy move speed) Shrapnel (+20% dmg for 10 sec)

Do note that when 1.05 hits the shelves Legend is going to be another story completely, then you will need some +10% dmg vs X to hit important breakpoint (so your effective HeroPower is 660 vs them).

And also note that I don’t engage hordes that much with WS, I play the backliner picking of specials and releasing active as often as possible into incoming armored trash mobs. And I switch to glaive for bosses, the second heavy attack deals 100 dmg+ with headshot, so you take down bosses quickly if your front liners are build for stunning bosses.

And two very useful links if you haven’t seem em already:

I would argue that resourceful combatant is very useless on a slow weapon though, “melee critical hits reduces remaining special ability cooldown by 2%” …this means that if there are 20 seconds left then it reduces it by 0,4 seconds? …how bad is this not? O_O

The oppertunist trait is super focused on dealing with a single slow target, its great if you can time it right but…i find the timing to be difficult and far too punishing to miss and its a lot safer to just dodged and charge a heavy or some light attacks.

I also find glaive difficult because even if i dont want to deal with a horde i will eventually be forced into dealing with a group or two, its hit limit and slow speed is completely fatal on legend where hordes are dense as hell.

The rest i do agree with to some extent or completely^^

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