Waystalker vs Pyromancer question


So i just played a few games on legend as waystalker together with a Pyromancer…and i could not help but notice that in every single game i ended up with basically half or less than her damage and kills in all categories.

She threw those F fireballs out basically once every 13-20 seconds, each would kill 1 chaos warrior or a whole bunch of other enemies.

Meanwhile waystalker F arrows dont even kill a single one with a direct headshot from the front even if they are alone, and it has somewhere between 35-50 seconds cooldown if i am not entirely mistaken.

Then we had the poor bounty hunter viktor sitting at roughly 60% of my kills and damage.

So…are waystalker and moreso, bounty hunter, weak or is Pyromancer just insanely OP? O_O

And also, i happened to notice that i had to either shoot 2 longbow shots to kill a stormvermin or a well aimed headshot while she just points her staff in the direction and they die in the same time i take to draw the damn longbow?

She also has so much stagger on her staff that shield stormvermin werent a problem, meanwhile i have to spend at least 3-4 shots just to kill a single one, cant do even that if there are two.

Someone please tell me if Wizard isnt just godmode compared to every other ranged build? Faster weapon, better specials, better damage, doesnt miss even nearly as easy because a mob tilted their head. ;_;

Bounty Hunter is, in my opinion, the most powerful career in the game currently. So… no it isn’t weak. Try using the repeater pistol with the free ammo on crit trait. At least on champ he can easily one shot chaos warriors.

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It sounds like you’re just not good. Therefore, you need to git gud.


It’s not your fault. Atm pyromancer sienna or beam staff sienna it’ s op…but it’‘s not a problem of the class overall but of the weapon…that has the power of an infinite shotgun in cc, a 2x headshot longbow power at long-range and basically infinite spam…ah i forgot to mention the career skill that has auto aim on the map and kills everything…with a shorter cd of the elf’s one. The bolt staff it’ s also powerful but not op…the other staffs are just meh…if they nerf the beam staff all will be good…

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A) The scoreboard doesn’t matter as long as you beat the mission
B) Which one of you was looking behind and watching the rear, checking for specials and keeping an eye out for the next horde direction? All of these things are very valuable and almost required for a successful run on champ/legend, yet won’t be represented on the scoreboard
C) The Beam staff is overtuned at the moment, don’t be surprised to see it get adjusted in the next balance patch.
D) Burning head has a 40 second cooldown and (IMHO) the talent for dumping heat is more cruicial than the CDR for most Pyros. Even with the 30% more CDR talent and a perfect 10% CDR on trinket, it’s still 24 seconds between uses (which really isn’t a lot and could stand to have the base time boosted from 40 seconds to 60 seconds)
E) Neither Waystalker nor Bounty Hunter are weak, both are easily capable of monstering content and carrying a team

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Waystalker ult can kill upto 3 specials with one shot and takes targets priority rats (for the most part) It’s almost instant.
I’ve never seen (doesn’t mean it’s impossible) for the Flaming Skull to kill more than one special. (Monks and Zerks aside) It’s also takes longer to lock on and “guide” it.

Pyro ult needs a 15% ish dmg reduction (if the numbers stay the same as LIVE) so it doesn’t one shot chaos warriors, that’s absurd.
25 Level CDR ult needs to be 20% ish instead of 30% imo because once i have my Grape Juice (I named that don’t steal it) i can pretty much “spam shot” any boss.

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Thing is tho, that if you aim down a single target then all the F arrows will hit that target and stop there.

But if you just randomly shoot then you might as well hit a nearby slaverat as much as the 4 stormvermin coming over.

And i promise not to plagiarize the “grape juice” x)

It doesn’t one shot chaos warrios on difficulties where it matters… Are we really going to balance the game with recruit and veteran difficulties in mind?

It does oneshot chaos warrior on legend, i got to watch it happen several times.

That or it deals enough damage than a single second of beam staff kills it right after, at least on headshots.

It does and it can on headshots.

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