Waystalker Trueflight + Conservative Shooter Exploit

So with the recent patch I’ve found an infinite ammo exploit on Waystalker. Basically if you have the “conservative shooter” trait on your ranged weapon, and you use the trueflight ability it will replenish one arrow for each of the trueflight headshots. If you have a melee weapon equipped it will not replenish ammo. You need to activate trueflight with your ranged weapon equipped.

This happens consistently all the time, as host and client. It does not work on the dummies.

I assume this bug happened as a result of the “Fixed Kerillian’s career skill weapon not cloning the material settings of the original ranged weapon.” fix, but I’m not sure.

I have a video recorded but it’s too big to upload here, and I don’t have any cloud sharing services to upload it with.

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@FatsharkJulia if thats not a bug than probably having to equip ranged weapon to make bow properties work with trueflight is a bug :wink:

@mr_sp1ce I didn’t mark this as not a bug myself, summoning @Fatshark_Hedge who may know more.

Turns out it wasn’t Hedge, so must have been somebody from development. Will look in to it.

Is it worth dropping barrage on hagsbane though?

I tagged it as “not-a-bug”, sorry for the confusion. I assumed it was more of an oversight than anything else. I can untagged it.

Woah, I had no idea it was even possible to do that as a non-dev user, we’ve sorted that out now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, I’ve raised the original issue with development.

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Has it not always been like this?
If I remember correctly if you have scrounger on your bow and trueflight crits while bow is out you can recover ammo as well.

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Yes, if not all but many buffs proc by checking which slot the player has open. Afaik properties and weapon specific numbers do apply, it’s only buffs that proc on hit.

I will add that ammo talent (elite kill gives 30% on ult) can be triggered more than one time from one ult

This is as intended. Not unlike Swift Slaying effecting ranged attack speed. BH mains used to switch weapons before Ult for CW BP, and use Blessed Shot to proc Swift Slaying with the Rapier.
It also allows for more build flexibility without being overkill(Ammo on Ult isn’t made noticeably better by Conservative Shooter)

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Not a bug. Its been in the game since day 1. Why are you trying to make WS worse than she already is…

Also Not a bug.

One of our Game Designers has confirmed this has always been the case and is not a bug. :slight_smile:


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