Waystalker, Now uselless (patch 1.06)

Hello everyone.
First, sorry for my bad english.

I post here my discontent about the patch 1.06 and the waystalker carrier.
I play for a long time (Since the first Vermintide) Kerillian with a long bow. I play the anti-special shooter and 75% of time with the ranged weapon with “Vaul’s Quiver” to regenerate my ammo. This carrer is an archer and must be play like that.

But, with the patch 1.06, “Vaul’s Quiver” was nerf. Wich every point of Kerillian’s regeneration, she gain 1 arrow against 2. And that change very much the gameplay of the waystalker. She has to switch her ranged weapon for her melee weapons too many times because she is out of ammo… and try to play melee combat like the handmeiden.

This patch killed the waystalker classe.


Yes you’re not supposed to have infinite ammo. You are actually supposed to play conservatively from time to time.

You can play Waystalker without needing both ammo regen talents and do just fine. Waystalker class is still good for quick deletion of hard to hit specials.


Interesting. Perhaps the developers are taming the ranged classes, since the Beam staff also got some nerfing. Could be we’ll get to see more melee overall.

Kind of like VT1.

Good times good times…

This patch killed the waystalker classe.

Nah, you’ll survive. Just need to adapt your playstyle a bit.


I do not understand the ammo nerf aswell but for other reasons. Waystalker still has infinite ammo but the nerf actually hurts handmaiden and shade more than it does WS, and why you would want to nerf them I dont understand.

Try “Returns ammo on headshot” on the LB and you still have infinite ammo if you dont waste your rounds on trash enemies.
There is also a disconnect between your 2 statements. First you say you only kill specials/elites, for which she definetly has the ammo and then you say you have to go into melee because you can’t kill everything with ranged like it was prior to 1.0.4 or when they fixed the 20% ammo return on active.
On Legend atleast (don’t know how it is on champ) you have to headshot next to every special anyways, otherwise you need 2 arrows, so if you got the aim you have infinite ammo and if you don’t have it dont play WS.


It used to be so that with just Vaul’s Quiver you didn’t really have to bother about arrows with longbow. Now you have to gauge how much you want to spam vs. how much power you want to give up. You have level 25 talent which restores ammo along with ammo talents (on crit or headshot) at your disposal. So in that you can have 3 slots for ammo regen if you so choose. Which of these are you running currently?

I play sienna alot , even I get why they toned down the beam staff, it’s a little Over powered.


There were so damn many waystalkers, bounty hunters and beam sieannas running through legend and using exclusively ranged for the entire run. At least now they will calm down a bit and let other classes shine. Currently the only problem that remains is bounty hunter + scrounger + volley cross bow which lets you get back half your ammo every 10 seconds or even faster if you decide to melee one rat from time to time.

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I didn’t really have any ammo problems playing waystalker and killing specials since the patch.

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No class is useless, but the game was never about 3 subclasses killing everything from 500 meters range.


They should make a topic sticky it on the forums and then add a hint that pops up every time you launch the game.

Vermintide should have no characters that can go through an entire level without using their melee weapons


I agree… WS is the only ranged career that need headshot. She should have a lot of ammunitioms… while now, top tier like Pyro and BH, can bodyshot and still have infinite bullets.

Huntsman Kruber? It’s literally his class passive.

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Huntsman is a wrong career… good, but wrong. He can bodyshot SV, flame, gatling and gutter rat (also CW with his active and two arrows)… but his talents “”“reward”"" headshots. Anyway huntsman and WS are really well balanced careers each other:

  • huntsman has more damage;
  • WS has more versatility (hp regen, panic button active, ARROWS REGEN… for this reason, Fatshark should not nerf her “infinite” ammunitions).

You are wrong according to the devs. Waystalker is pure ranged. Sienna is mostly.

People who say this are

A) Wrong
B) In need of researching the game more before they speak on behalf of the dev’s


Most melee weapons (more than we intended) were excelling at staggering & clearing hordes, whilst ranged became extremely viable at staggering and piercing through more enemies, leading to a whole host of ranged meta gameplay styles. With Vermintide being a melee focused game, this feels… wrong.


First of all devs have stated thousands of times that Vermintide is a melee focused game.
Secondly waystalker has a melee weapon right? If she was meant to use only ranged then she would have perhaps 2 bows like Slayer has 2 melee weapons.


BH says “hi”.

Ah, yes, good old times in VT 1 where the BoP had SEVENTY THREE ammo. Yes, I know, VT 2 has many a means of regaining ammo, but this constant claim that ranged in VT 1 wasn’t as powerful as it was now is really outlandish.

Yeah, scrounger + guaranteed crits are way too strong. In my opinion scrounger shouldn’t restore more than 2 ammo per shot to avoid restoring half of ammo when shooting volley into a horde.

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Yeah scrounger is a bit overtuned especially on piercing weapons. At least the BH has incentive to go into melee from time to time to keep getting resets. Just scrounger which pushes it over the edge.