Not really Digging the Change to longbow ammo

So the ammo reduction to longbows kinda makes using them the same was the hagbane bow… pointless. Im sure they have their uses but to me this change has taken the fun out of my favorite class in the game. The longbow Waystalker.

I can’t believe its a balance issue when the machinegun bow still has over 70 shots. I prefered the longbow for precision removal of elites, but on the harder difficulties it was already running into ammo shortages.

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It surprised me; I didn’t think anyone had really been complaining about the total amount of ammo on it, only that she had essentially infinite ammo.

As a Waystalker longbow main that plays every hero/class often, I like this change. You should always go for headshots as a Longbow elf player. With ammo on headshot perk, you should be gaining arrows on hordes. All those terrible pug elf players that ended the game with 200+ ranged kills and less than 50 headshots was painful to watch as a fellow elf main. We are hopefully going to see less pug elves randomly shooting arrows into bodies of ambient rats.


From the start of playing VT2, I felt that the Longbow had quite a lot of ammo for its effectiveness. And with her methods of acquiring more ammo (and larger pool by default), Waystalker didn’t really get hit that much. She might require some pacing now, as before I only ran out of ammo (with only Vaul’s Quiver to recover any) on bosses when I purposefully spammed arrows. Handmaiden and Shade felt it way more. And for those two… Well, Shade already has a very good replacement, the Volley Crossbow, and Handmaiden is supposed to be Kerillian’s melee-focused character, so less shooting for her is fine imo. Besides, HM can still add some more ammo to her pool with a talent.

Compared to the other two bows, I find it hard to spam Swift bow with anything else but ammo regen WS, especially as it’s a lot worse at dealing with specials and armor compared to Longbow. And Hagbane just requires a more paced and tactical approach than either of the others (although I do think a few more ammo would do it good).

The ammo reduction also hit Markus’s longbow, but I can’t really comment on that as I haven’t played Huntsman or the bow that much. When I did try him originally, though, I got the same feeling of too much ammo compared to its efficiency.

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Completely agree. Even shooting recklessly and spamming hordes on WS I never felt in danger of running out of ammo, this balances it a lot better.

When I’m playing handmaiden I use longbow, but I only pull it out for specials or to bail out a far away teammate and so far the reduced ammo hasn’t been a problem.

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