Why the Longbow Change is Bad

I’m an Elf main but not for Waystalker, I love Handmaiden. I understand the change to the longbow was designed to deal with Waystalker having too much ammo and admittedly it was effective and fine on her. But it makes a far more dramatic effect on her other two classes who don’t have as much ammo. Please don’t let the Waystalker hate smite down Handmaiden and Shade.


I think the longbow nerf was aimed toward handmaiden (shade) mostly actually.
Longbow is an elite/special killer, you hardly need more than 20 arrows between the ammo refill crate if your mates know how to shoot strait.
You can still run the +40% ammo (which I do) trait if you feel you need more, but yeah, unless you spam longbow in horde, or play Legend with bots, you shouldn’t be too affected by this

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As a comparison, the handgun and crossbow have 12 and 15 respectively.

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You could take headshots give ammo back and your ammo will last a lot longer.

what’s the scientific basis for this statement? why not “You hardly need more than 19 arrow”?
What’s the big difference? just seemed like the nerf to take away a few arrows to satisfy people still complaining about range being too strong. soon enough it will be worthless for anything but killing specials at this rate.

Well, isn’t that what I actually said ? It’s SUPPOSED to be a special killing weapon. That’s it. People complain that range is too strong are actually Vermintide 1 veteran that remember the game is actually a MELEE combat game. Range is an help against some situation. Ranged career shouldn’t be able to do only range. They’re just more efficient with it (or should be at least). That’s all.


I agree… top tier ranged meta, as Pyro and BH, still have infinite ammunitions, and they nerf careers like WS and huntsman. So sad.


I think this is more the sense of contention rather than the viability of longbow itself. We now have a massive gap created in imbalance of sustained ranged removal between classes. However, I think there’s something to be said that longbow itself has a much greater effective range than BH meta guns, and with the right loadout … longbow still wont deplete out of ammo that much, elf side classes will feel it the most. You’re just not going to be able to spam roamers as much. I still think 20 down from 27 is a bit harsh as it is reduced by over 25%.

Makes it only seem more fair, then.

Still much better with a longbow over handguns.

shades xbow has 30 bolts total.

I’m pretty sure he was referring to the regular crossbow not volley crossobow. Regular is better for headshot sniping and each bolt does more damage.

Ranged was just as strong in VT1, maybe even stronger.


and yet the volley crossbow has more than all of them and refills its entire ammo pool on one alt fire crit.

something i want to point out is that mobs can stack on each other infinity and can one shot you especially chaos knights that i have seen stack 7 chaos knights in one spot. making a unbeatable mob. and their are people playing nothing but veteran and champion saying “its too easy plz nerf us” which i find completely bazaar as legendary is incredibly hard because of stacking and the amount of armored mobs.

you have people spending DAYS to create the build they want to get as much ammo as possible and people cry “nerf” because these people have all their gear god rolled stats and such baffles me. you can just equip any piece of gear and go out their and rek the game, it actually takes times and effort.

the only build that takes no effort to be a good range class on is the mage which that class is specifically designed to be range and tank as you can tell with their talents.

these people need to get their head out of their asses and realize this is not a pvp game this is a pve game where you can design your character to be inherently OP

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