Please make Volley Xbow usable for WS and Handmaiden

I don’t like that it’s locked from other careers. It’s a fun weapon to play but not really that much fun on Shade, but It could be really nice on WS or Handmaiden. Since we have only bows and bows.

I am just not fan of locking weapons behind careers, apart maybe from Dual Axes for Slayer for chop, chop.

Except that the Volley crossbow is a darkelf weapon and Shades are darkelf scouts …


That weapon with unlimited ammo sounds like a huge balance issue.

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like BH WS and siena? :smiley:

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The Volley crossbow has the longbow damage with more rate of fire than the swiftbow.

It would obviously be OP in a career which has excellent ammo sustain.

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yes. the burst dmg from that weapon is quite beastly indeed. it’s balanced by the fact that it runs out of ammo fast and you can’t really sustain it well on shade.

Repeater is balanced around the idea that you can’t shoot forever. This is evident when a horde spawns near an ammo box and you can shoot forever and slaughter everything in the horde no matter what it is. It can’t be anywhere but where it is and shade can’t have super insane ammo recovery because of this weapon.

It might be okay on the Handmaiden, but it will be serverly overpowering in the hands of a Waystalker with ammunition regeneration talent(s), and weapon traits.

If there would just be some sort of talent for that …

I picked the “Backstab restore 1 ammo” and “Ranged fire does not break Infiltrate” thinking I could melt bosses with infinite ammo xD
Sadly it doesn’t work (or hopefully, would have been OP), but still with good positionning I can have decent ammo regen on xbow and kill a lot of specials.
It needs more ammo tho, the ammo gain is way too harsh compared to WS (which is a Ranged class, so I agree she does regen in easier way)

No, or else its damage will be nerfed.
Its fine where it is, extremely good for getting rid of specials, if they would just fix the shtty RMB fire switch, that would be great …

Sure it’d be awsome, and fun… broken beyond all scale and reason but fun! :wink:

Mb, forget a word. Shade need more way to get ammo backs. Not much maybe just a slight increase on the backstab regen.
The xbow is fine in the actual state, it’s the Shade that need more rewards for playing skillfully (landing backstab is NOT easy)

have you tried it? attempting to sustain the ammo count using said talent? i have, desperately. it’s not as efficient as it sounds.

as opposed to pressing a button once every 70seconds that gets back 50% of your ammo at range, at the same time killing things.

Good thing those 2 careers should work the same way.
Its incredible easy to stack ammo back up to a reasonable level vs CWs, SVs and bosses.
Not even counting when you have an actual tank IB who can blockshove.

i’m rolling my eyes with the sarcasm, speak plainly.

i’m not saying the 2 careers should work the same way, far from it. i want diversity. i’m reinforcing the point that the crossbow is balanced by the fact that it has a low ammo capacity and the class that uses it cannot sustain using it continuously, as it should be. but you seem to be locked in to the thought that i somehow want the shade to be like the waystalker. you are missing the point.

misdirected arguments aside, i shall take another poke at mastering the shade on legend.

By all means do and stop comparing careers if you think the Volley crossbow is fine which led to this whole argument.

please stop embarrassing yourself by acting all pretentious. my initial post was a reply to someone else who was comparing classes. obviously further discussion will involve comparison. the title of the thread itself is a discussion about opening up the repeating crossbow to the other 2 classes. i am providing counterpoints to the thread’s argument.

as i said, you seem to be fixated on missing the point. i guess you have nothing to contribute. bored at work?

You shouldnt project that much.

Since you arent even reading the posts correctly, because you came up with the comparison of ammo regeneration of different classes,

to my initial argument that Shade has ammo regeneration which suits the playstyle of Shade just fine.
No comparison needed because comparing two absolute different careers that have absolutely different playstyles (aside from the obvious kill the enemy) is pretty fruitless.

caught me there =)

read carefully again. ammo regeneration was brought up by other posters before me. i am acknowledging that the waystalker has better tools the shade at ammo regeneration, as it should be.

i am in agreement with the playstyle of the shade. however i do not agree that it’s a fruitless argument, because that’s the whole point of the thread, to examine the repercussions of giving the waystalker and handmaiden the crossbow. classes are intrinsically involved.

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