WS passive ammo regen rollback?

Among ranged career, only waystalker’s ammo regen is tied to ult talent.

It’s a bit overwhelming with some luck though, not that reliable. DPS ult is not supposed to no brainer IMO. But to play ammo regen, you should be no brainer.

Use ult on 1 stormvermin in front of you. Then assassin comes out later, you don’t have ult so you have to shoot bow. But you can’t keep ult until assassin spawns because your ammo is running out.
Trueflight volley becomes just ammo regen button.

Piercing shot also suffers a problem. No way to ammo regen as ranged dps. All head shots? If it’s really possible, I would rather play huntsman.

Wasting ult is not fun for me. If ult isn’t tied to ammo regen, there would be more viable choices.


I wouldn’t say its unreliable, WS has the largest ammo pool as well other ranges get 50% more ammo passive she has 100% which is likely the reason for the no other ammo gains its not needed.

I’d still prefer the option of tieing it back into ammo regen talent tired of having to pick ult talent for ammo regen but would also suggest if it were to come back downgrade her pool to 50% like other ranged classes… especially considering swift bow…

Her other ults would then be choose able though loaded bow needs a rework too.

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Holy Smoke are you actually complaining WS has not much Ammo regen? I don’t think I have ever played with a WS who ever runs out of ammo. EVER. Even stupid swiftbow spam FF WS still keeps up her ammo. WS does not need any more ways to regain ammo.

I am shook.


Loaded bow actually can generate ammo via conservative shooter quiet well if you fire your ult while you have your bow out (and have conservative shooter rolled on the bow, obviously)

Oh and your bow needs to be out/quipped when the projectiles hit their targets too, ammo returns will vary but it’s usually a net profit since trueflight (trueshot? whatever) volley with loaded bow has a tendency to rack up multiple headshots; especially into a horde


If you ever even come close to running out of ammo with WS and Kurnous on a class that literally has double ammo reserves I honestly don’t know what to say.

If WS has any issues regarding ammo it’s that she’s a bit feast or famine based on whether or not you take Kurnous’. You get WAY too much ammo with Kurnous’, like it’s actually just ridiculous, but without it you’re reliant on CS usually (though CS does proc on Ult when you’ve got your bow out, so it’s certainly enough ammo regen on its own for something like Longbow).

So in short Kurnous’ should get nerfed (only proc once per Ult?) and she should be given some other (less ridiculous) ammo regen options.


I think the issue the op tries to bring across, is that waystalker needs to choose kurneous reward or conservative shooter to be able to regen ammo.

Another issue that the op stated is that kurneous reward becomes a ‘regen ammo’ button, instead of an ultimate.

Waystalker needs a passive that regens ammo, or more choices to regen ammo, which would make it so there are more choices, and not just force someone into a talent because they want to range. and that’s exactly op’s point.

On the other hand, you might argue that: if you want to be able to spam ranged 24/7, there should be ‘cost’ (sacrificing a talent spot). And yes i agree, i agree kurneous is a bit too strong right now, i also think rv’s 30% ammo is too strong, but this doesn’t change the fact that both of those have bad ammo sustain outside of that.
When they made conservative a must pick on huntsman, in BBB, everyone complained because it forced people into one trait, yet we have careers like ws that basically only have 1-2 options to regen ammo. Huntsman has the most choice out of all of them i’d say.
It’s not because ws has one broken talent that her ammo sustain is good in general. Remove talent and you are forced into conservative, nerf talent and she basically has no ammo sustain.


meh I dislike rolling conservative shooter or scrounger on a range main literally really makes you have unlimited ammo. Hunter all the way!

I’d rather they remove the ammo regen talent and give us some fresh choices… she needs a revamp talent tree is all over the place.

While @anon75893681 is quantifying the OP’s problem, I still maintain that for WS to be complaining about ammo is almost always going to fall on deaf ears. The discussion about talents forcing classes into certain build is possibly valid here - but as old as the hills ( and might even be valid for WS) nevertheless

I’d only ever buy into this argument if I ever saw a WS with an “out of ammo” icon next to them.

This simply never happens and I think WS in QP surely must run things other than Kurnous and still don’t go red ammo,

The fact that as Kruber FK I’ve been literally porcupined with Swiftbow arrows might be making me a little less sympathetic and so might not help too much with OP’s argument.

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Good sir, why dont you just use conservative shooter and headshot things while also using KR (f) to restore ammo?

The only way you´d ever run out with those is if you are shooting like you are using swiftbow while carrying the hagbane or if your longbow aim is awful.

Nobody is denying Waystalker has ridiculous ammunition sustain, some players just take issue with coaxed/must pick talents, especially on ranged careers.

It’s also present in other careers to a lesser degree, just far more noticeable on ranged careers considering majority of their game-play depends on ammunition sustain.

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I’d reduce all this to get my passive regen back!

SwiftBow: 40 Arrows down from 50

Too much pew pew

Arrow Storm: WS gains 50% more ammo (down from 100%)

-Too many arrows, comparable/excessive advantage to other ranged

Tier 4:
Isha’s Embrace: Restore 1 arrow every tick (6 arrows per minute)

Spirit Arrows: Reduce CD by 3 seconds every tick (4-6 seconds atm w/ loss of heal)

-Better choices w/o loss of heal

Tier 6:
Loaded Bow: Trueshot Volley fires 2 arrows but can be used a second time within 10 seconds

Kurnous Reward: Trueshot Volley restores 10% of ammo and 10 temp health

-More controlled shots same arrows
-Less ammo return by pool and percentage w/ added utility

There more ammo options, less ammo and less restore more conservative ranged classes!

I could see that becoming a little overpowered tbh

without having to actually use NB.

To be fair, uncapped regen would be considered extremely superior to the other two t4 talents, especially since locus = tilted zealots = not great to use in QP while amaranthe…is decent but still not as good as uncapped regen.

…Especially not since Amaranthe´s bonus is 1.5 every 10 up to 50%

the difference with Nat Bond and other sources of regen is that you get the regen with none of the drawbacks of nat bond AND you get to take a different necklace trait on top of it

getting a free nat bond with zero drawback and being able to stack barkskin or boon on top of it is a pretty wild amount of defensive power

to be fair tangents will always occur when suggestions are made :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have so many issues with this post.
Why would you waste an ult on a single SW? Even if you don’t take the fourth arrow then why not just shoot that one lonely SW and proceed?
Usually a WS ult kills off half a horde, a CW, several specials and a boss (dramatisation :D).
I agree that WS now has to think about not wasting ammo. However if you choose a suitable weapon trait and don’t ignore pickups you will be fine.

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