Bloodshot + WS Ult. Thoughts?

My initial thought on it was that it’s a bug as I’ve reported it myself, but now that it isn’t getting fixed for some time, I’m starting to think that it maybe is intentional, just like how my mind towards Shade ult has been changed.

So let’s assume that it’s intended. How do you guys think about the change?

WS can reduce Trueshot cooldown drastically, it’s not balanced.
It’s even more of a “Press F to win button”.

It´s not K, 1 extra arrow would be fine but double the total amount? Nono.

But it should not be intended right? I mean someone would have to have tested it with loaded bow and realized what it does. Meanwhile the biggest argument for the shade things to be intended is that they now work according to the ability descriptions.

With that in mind this should not be an intended thing since bloodshot is only supposed to add 1 projectile to the next ranged attack, not 1 per projectile fired a the time.


Of course it’s a bug, but it’s not so OP that you suddenly see everyone running it on Waystalker like when the Shade meta became known. It’s still RNG how much you hit and it can all get stuck in a single Chaos Warrior. So in terms of “urgency” for fixing this back to +1 arrow, I’m not gonna lose sleep over it :smile:

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Why wouldn’t everyone run it? It’s not like bloodshot has much competition.

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Swiftbow and depending on build, longbow, both use serrated arrows.

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Yeah and swiftbow is a meme build that barely gets ran, vast majority of WS players are on hagbane or longbow, or now moonfire. I’ve not seen any real reason why you’d want to run serrated on a longbow build.


I do see a fair bit of swiftbow in cata QP though? I doubt it´s any good above that but it still works there.

I mean in the sense that suddenly the game gets swarmed with players who hear they could be OP by using this build, like what happened with Shade for a few months
(Ironically most players simply didn’t have the skill to pull it off, or were wrecked by being client instead of host)

Hardly a scale to measure by. VT2 got a very limited weapon pool, especially in the range department. After so many hours even the rough ones become interesting to use.

Then let me add, they were doing a fair lot of damage too. Not utterly monopolizing the entire cake but still among the ones doing the most. Provided of course the player wasnt the type stumbling over their own feet every few steps.

Exception being if there was something like a BW or a engineer with a good enviroment for taking all the kills but at that point anything else isnt particularly useful.

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