Kerillian's ult not killing Shield Vermin now?

Seems like WS ultimate doesn’t kill them instantly even if you target them with it? Or is it missing?

I had to enjoy actually meleeing them instead. :expressionless::sleeping::sweat::pensive::confounded::disappointed::triumph::dizzy_face::face_with_head_bandage:

Must be missing. Ran a lot as WS last night and still seemed normal. I’ll try again tonight and see though, keeping an eye out for it.

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The Waystalker’s active became pretty unreliable after a change they made a while back in an effort to improve its reliability of hitting tagged targets(if I recall correctly). I think it was involving the way it’s supposed to target enemies. The damage used to be much better and could even slay chaos warriors reliably(sometimes even 2, if you got lucky). The way the trueflight arrows behave though causes them to give very inconsistent results. They may all hit a chaos warrior in the head and leave him a hair from death, or one may miss and the other two hit his arm and torso. You might get 2-3 special kills from one fire or you may get 1 special and a couple clan rats.

Increased damage might give better results, but the AI in general for how the arrows will behave is too inconsistent. The damage could definitely use a little boost, just like Pyromancer’s “Burning Head” active. Maybe a 5-10% damage increase? Pyromancer’s active suffers the same issue as Trueflight Volley. The behavior can be erratic and gives inconsistent results. I think tagging an enemy can affect the behavior, but I’m not entirely certain.

As for shield vermin, the arrows seem to really get caught up in shields and fizzle out.


I’ve always felt like the reliability increases dramatically with range. The farther it travels, the more likely I find I am to kill 5-6 SV where at close to mid-range I’ll often opt to just pump the whole load into one’s face to avoid the arrows veering into the ground. Doesn’t apply to hordes though imo, they seem to steer themselves for max effect through the squishies pretty well as long as you’re not aiming too far off when you fire it.

Yeah, I remember when it could kill Chaos Warriors. I don’t mind it not doing that, but as long as it kills Specials and Shield Vermin I’m happy. Targetted the one I’m talking about, so he had a massive red outline and nothing happened to him. He was very close to me though.

Wouldn’t even mind an accuracy nerf if Shield Vermin wasn’t the most frustrating and boring thing to fight.

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Imo for anything red outlined within, say, 20ft is especially unreliable, due to how wide the arc of fire on it is. It sucks to do, because you’re losing out on the damage from the extra arrows, but shotgun blasting em in the face with it is probably the most reliable.

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shotgunning actually seems to be the worst idea when i play. anytime they’re close it does practically no damage and it’s basically just a stagger button.

Really? I’ve never had it not kill em. Weird.