Add Smart Bow to V2! :)


in V1 there is a bow that shoots arrows that track enemies, with a cool light it’s extremely useful to save teammates from hookrats or kill globadiers ,
I play with controller, it’s very difficult to aim, ( aim assist is off, it is not good for melee)

Please add this super bow to V2!

It is, Waystalker ultimate is the trueflight volley :stuck_out_tongue:

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Trueflight behavior was moved to Career Skills from dedicated weapons because it proved practically impossible to balance with other weapons. Even after balancing the behavior itself and reducing Trueflight Bow’s ammo to as close to unusable levels without rendering it such, it was the number one choice for Kerillian, especially making the Longbow completely obsolete.

If you want that high a level of aim assist, pick Pyromancer or Waystalker and build for cooldown reduction. If you want to additionally reduce the need for aiming, go in for Swift bow on WS, and you’ll have ammo to waste and the attack speed to do it. I find it incredibly fun to spam arrows everywhere, too (even if that brings with it relatively high numbers of Friendly Fire damage, but that’s a point of practice).

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how about NO

this is the only thing that keeps this game above V1

if this can… no, if this leukemic ebola is back, I’m done with the franchise for good. Keep it at truth hurts and fly free little one, it’s bad enough as is.

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rofl it was insanely fun and a huge part of my reason for playing v1.

i mean cmon. it’s a homing arrow that streaks to heads and leaves and extremely cool trail behind. it’s very cool.

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