Trueflight Bow

I miss this bow =( and sienna’s bolt staff tracking.

Design a trueflight bow, with homing arrow capability to the face, but with 1 ammo max, which you had to refill by killing X amount of enemies in melee. it would be a strong shot, capable of killing any special if it hit them in the head, and doing decent boss headshot damage.

you wouldn’t be able to spam this reliably, and it would encourage melee combat.

important: it leaves a fantastic glowy sparkly arrow trail. XD

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That style kind of already exists: Waystalker’s Trueflight Volley. The Trueflight behavior was deemed too powerful to be used on ranged weapons, for both Sienna and Kerillian (and for good reason) and thus was moved to Career Skills. Balancing it was attempted many times in VT1, and it didn’t succeed.

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ugh, but balancing is bad for fun.

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