Waystalker/Pyro Ult Targeting

Reposting this because I have more clear information and it still hasn’t been resolved.

  1. Targeting with the ult is beyond unreliable. It’s probably an 80% Fail rate at this point. After testing in keep, it appears you need to hold for about 5 seconds to actually target something. This is obviously not intended per the patch notes from the last “fix”
  2. This is an important bug as waystalker relies on her ult for ammo sustain and C3 requires more than 1 arrow hit an elite to kill. Also, pyro with most weapons relies on ult for the majority of her special killing. This is no longer viable with the ult bug.
  3. If you do not have time to fix it right now, can you simply reverse the last fix? There was an issue where you had to hold the target for a frame, but that was soo much better than 5 seconds.

is like they take v1.0 and put beastman WOM dlc on it
all fixes they did from 1.0 to 1.6 (or 1.7 lol idk what was the last version) is gone.
nice copy&pasta company

Seconding this! It was the recent patch that made it much worse. Constantly deviates from targeted distant targets/elites and kills random mobs up close.

Can confirm, this is the worst I’ve seen both these ultimates. This change should be reverted until it can be properly implemented.

This has been addressed internally and will be included in an upcoming patch.


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