Targeting on Pyro and Waystalker

The change to targeting on Pyro and Waystalker is substantially worse sense the change. You now have to hold tag for over a full second to actually hit the target you tagged. If you release when it turns red, the ult goes in a completely random direction. I know that the intended fix was to fix an issue where you had to hold for a frame. This now feels like it is worse than before the fix.


Wouldn’t it be better if you could just tag up to max amount of arrows/bounces? Like,if you tag one enemy all arrows go to one target, 2 arrows split in half or so and so on.

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I dunno, I had a completely different result testing it yesterday. I only did 3 games with her, but it felt way better than before. The target switching when your target dies is :ok_hand: also, marking seemed to be much easier. I still think you should only be able to mark elites/specials with it… it would make it so much easier to tag that hook rat in the middle of the horde who ignores all slotting and just phases through a wall of mobs to grab you.


I hate the fact you can tag trash (infantry) . Why am I ever need to? Please consider making it being able to tag elite/special/boss, but not trash


I played pyro for about 5 hours yesterday. It certainly did not feel good. And I’m not sure we’re on the same page about the issue.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t only true flight changed? I don’t see anything in the patch notes about Pyro changes. Perhaps I simply overlooked them.

As for being on the same page? What do you mean?

You mentioned target switching. Also targeting is easier? The issue was a delay before the targeted mob would actually be tracked. It may be a client side issue as well. I recorded some games. If I can figure out how to edit I’ll post a clip.

The words are “Improved tracking for trueflight projectiles”. It means all projectiles using trueflight behavior (i. e. seeking), not just Trueflight Volley. It is kind of annoying that even when the behavior is used by two abilities, it’s been named for one of those (or rather, the Trueflight Longbow from Vt1, but even then another weapon used the behavior).

If it referred to only Trueflight Volley, I’d think it would’ve been at least capitalized and more likely referred to with the full name.


The patch included changes to Burning Head.


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