Waystalker ult behavior/reliability


I’ve played a bit of Kerillian (especially waystalker) and I really like her ult in what it is supposed to do, but i feel like it’s not very reliable anymore. What I mean by that is that the lock-on system does’nt really work half of the time, and it’s also hard to lock-on to the right target when slaverats and clanrats can be targeted with it. Before when the ult went for the one you tagged (blue outline) it felt more reliable.
What i would like to see improved/changed is,

  • Only tag-able enemies can be locked-on to
  • it actually prioritizes enemies you’ve tagged/locked-on to

I’ve had a match where i had a troll to my right and a hookrat to my left that grabbed my teammate(neither within melee range). I locked-on to the hookrat(red outline) and released without flicking up so i know its still the hookrat thats marked, but it turns 90 degrees for the troll. It’s moments like these that you feel like you have no control over the career skill and it really pulls me away from playing waystalker.


Back in 1.6 both WS and Pyro ult were reliable, prioritized elites, easy to lock targets, etc. I don’t know what happened. Pyro ult in particular is really bad, it likes to make 180 degree turns and hit slave rats behind you even when there’s a clear shot to a special under your crosshair :frowning:


I can confirm that trueflight does this a damn lot too, the entire thing with the lock on system not being reliable truly feels bad T_T

Being powerful is one thing but excessive power is another :sweat_smile:

Honestly i would happily settle for a middle ground in which the lock on system did work but you still had to pay attention to walls and whatnot.

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2018 was the year of the auto aim Trueflight/Burning Head spam. No need to target or face special.

Now you have to not only target the enemy but aim up high above the heads of the other enemies and away from walls.

There’s still a 25% chance it’ll just fkn miss anyways :man_facepalming:


I agree that I have noticed weird beahviour lately on that ult.

And what was wrong with that? It’s an ULTIMATE after all! It’s supposed to be powerful! If the complaint is that it was too easy, well, that’s fine, every game needs a noob tube or two.

I didn’t say it was too powerful. It had super auto aim meaning all you had to do was look up and it would auto seek out specials even if they were behind a wall or in the next segment of the map.

That is ridiculous. If you can’t see a special then you shouldn’t be able to kill them.

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They do it to us. Fair’s fair.

Dunno whatcha smoking guys…
I used to work fine and still is working fine.
You want your ults be great - use right talents:

  • Free ult on crit for pyro can lead to 3 to 5 (had it only once) consecutive ults - if that’s not powerful - I dunno what it.
  • Extra arrow for kerillian aniihilates stuff. But people choose to take arrow replenishment for some arcane reason…

I agree, yet Kerillian volley can be just released into thin air and you’d get 1-4 specials/elites dead.

Pseudo random crits killed this I’m pretty sure. Your chance to crit immediately after getting a crit is much less than your actual crit chance. Temp health is a way better option nowadays.

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Wouldn’t 4 arrow Ult still be best with CS Longbow? Ult with your Longbow out and keep up a half decent headshot rate and I’d think that’d be more than enough ammo? I can see why Swift and Hag would want the extra ammo though, especially if you’re taking barrage.

Simple really for extra arrow is only good on the longbow, the other two get more done with more ammo instead.

Especially hagbane.

I don’t play elf.

Can you please explain to me how the talent for the active ability only affects the longbow?

I thought it gave the ultimate an extra shot. Why would it matter if you were using any other bow?

If you use CS on your bow and Ult with your bow out the headshots from your Ult will proc CS, often giving a respectable amount of ammo.

This is only really worthwhile to use over Kurnous’ for the Longbow because that’s enough to sustain ammo for it. Hag and Shortbow are much more spammy, and can benefit from running barrage over CS, so the huge ammo regen from Kurnous’ is preferable.

TL;DR Longbow is her only option that can afford to give up the ammo regen of Kurnous.


Okay, I did not know that! The description sounded like it wouldn’t matter which bow you used.

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Yeah, having all her ammo regen tied to 1 Ult talent, and then also giving said talent a very large amount of ammo regen leads to somewhat skewed choices on the Ult talent row. I think even most Longbow WS still go Kurnous’ just for the amount of spam it provides, but Longbow at least can be played optimally without it.

It´s a question of ammunition, a good longbow user with [conservative shooter] (most common option by far to my knowledge) will essentially never run out of ammo and thus [Kurnous reward] (ammo on F killing special/elite) is redundant.

Given that you can instead just opt to make your F more powerful instead, and as an added bonus if you have your longbow out when you use your F with [conservative shooter] then it will actually restore ammo too…not much granted, but for the skilled that is as mentioned not needed anyway and a simply more powerful F is enough.

If you instead look at Hagbane or shortbow you are immediately faced with the reality that to use those effectively you are going to shoot a lot more than the longbow leading to [Kurnous reward] being needed to sustain the ammo expenses. Especially given that the hagbane boss killer build uses [barrage] rather than [conservative shooter]

An elf who´ve got shortbow and isn’t firing consistently is doing it wrong while hagbane can be kept as more of an emergency trick but then…why play waystalker if you are going to primarily melee?


Exactly i didn’t know that either. And i only run longbows, so naturally i prefer the 4th arrow…

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trueflight also overshoots very often, so the 4 arrow talent is very unreliable and not really worth it when overshooting is a problem.