Hagbane range too short (even with WS)

  1. Long story short: teammate got separated during boss-horde, trying to help him out with some cc/damage (into the grain, after first tome, before the big tree, i was at the first big rock, he was at the second on the road), but charged shots are not reaching the horde at all.

  2. Chaos sorcerer casting the wind from f.ckin Lustria, i try to shoot it, arrows disappear midair or whatever, no damage at all, not even dot…

  3. //not hagbane related: WS ultimate- trying to shoot a special on an upper level during the horde, i aim it high, hoping it will target the spec, but nooo, f.ck those 3 skavenslaves in particular… Can you set some prioritising FS? Same with burning head…


Funny enough auto aiming was more fine than not on beta and after release. It broke somewhere between 1.0.5 and 1.0.7 - can’t name precise time, cause I didn’t play Pyro or WS then. And I would also love it to get fixed back.

I disagree. It can shoot pretty far : s

yea… I pick off targets from really far away. On legend in wide open maps, I can have the entire horde nearly wiped before they even get close with the hagbane. Also, the ult, F skill. You can hold down F and highlight a target for it.

You’ll get better with aiming the more you play. Sometimes you have to lead the target a bit, aim a bit higher etc. If you already know how to do that, you might just be hitting an invisible wall. I’ve found a few in the game, you can actually walk up to it and see your arrows stuck just floating in mid air.

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