Playing/Balancing HS Kruber and WS Elf

Other than melee weapons choice fine details, I find that these two classes play very similar.

The difference being that HS Kruber can bodyshot SV but WS has to headshot (which is fine).

However, Kruber’s zoom not only makes his bow less accurate, it seems to do the exact same damage.

It just makes you miss a headshot (due to RNG), on a headshot-oriented character.

This means that the whole zoom mechanic is…JUST ANNOYING. It only serves to be frustrating (on a class where you have to hit constant headshots to regen ammo) and adds nothing.

It doesn’t make you work harder to get more damage…it just makes it annoying and frustrating trying to use the mechanics that FS chose themselves.

It would have made more sense to give the headshot regen to the WS and the press F for ammo to the HS.

Could they not just make Kruber’s bow not zoomable? Like the Swift Bow? You can keep the arrow notched forever but you have to hit that tiny distant head for your regen?

That would mean that:

  1. The WS can zoom for headshots but it takes a headshot to kill a SV.
  2. The HS can bodyshot SV but can’t zoom for headshots.
  3. WS gets glaive, HS gets halberd.

There you go, I balanced those two classes for you FS.

It would also remove a “feature” that adds nothing but frustration.

Get rid of that annoying pointless zoom-accuracy-loss on Kruber’s longbow altogether ASAP please.


Agree, it makes the zoom absolutely worthless and serves only to give a small window in which to aim.

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Thought I’d add my reply here too, since you made a specific thread!

I agree and find the zoom disorienting, and end up doing slightly charged shots with him. Being able to not zoom makes his LB more enjoyable than WS’s LB for me.

My advice would be to do unzoomed shots or wait for mods that will probably get rid of the zoom. IMO it’s still sometimes nice to have that extra bit of zoom available, so I don’t think it should be removed.

On Handgun I don’t really mind it because you really need to make sure you hit heads to make it super satisfying.

On the Handgun the zoom is fine. You can use it to get headshots…trading FOV and mobility for damage (and ammo regen on Kruber) is a balanced mechanic.

Trading FOV, mobility, AND accuracy for NOTHING is not (on the Longbow).

It’s just frustrating, especially on a class where you have to hit headshots or run out of ammo.


not on legend.

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You need 22.2% bonus power to one shot bodyshot SVs with the Empire Longbow.