Racial dmg vs. Broken?

Can someone confirm if racial dmg boost is broken or something? I can’t test it with dummies since they don’t respond vs. Skaven and vs. Chaos boost. I don’t play with mods either so here i’m asking for some help :upside_down_face:

Had +20% dmg vs. Chaos and +10% dmg vs. Infantry, yet my hagbane feels sooo weak vs. Chaos hordes. Same goes with melee setups with racial dmg boost.

Hagbane feels week in legend against anything that isn’t a boss or, when you’re the only one hitting them, slave rats because it typically takes too long to kill anything such that your teammates will kill it after you’ve DoT’d but before the DoT can deal lethal damage. AFAIK Power vs is working fine.

Dummies are Skaven infantry.

Also check dummy numbers with this spreadsheet if you feel that something’s wrong.

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They were but now they are just Infantry, any way the dmg vs works perfectly and seems to be aplyed after crits and headshot multipliers.

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May I ask why don’t you play with mods? It’s quite easy and really practical to summon any mob, bash it around and see the actual dmg that you are making.

Wait wut? O_o You’re joking right lol? When the horde spawns and starts running towards you, 5 arrows or so is normally enough to wipe the entire horde. You are doing heavy shots right? And not simple left clicks? You can even see the impact… the mobs literally get blown away as if a bomb hit them and they all get the green mist around them which starts ticking away damage as they start to stand back up. The hagbane can CC hordes on par with Sienna’s beam staff. But it kills much faster.

I personally use monster damage +10% & skaven +10% on my bow, then Chaos and Monster +10% on my charm. RIP everything. Even stormvermin(Blackfurs, the skaven in red armour) die with 3 hagbane body shots.

Are you playing on legend? 600 power? If you’re playing lower difficulties, then just take the long bow. For Vet and Recruit, the swift bow will actually kill everything much faster.

I play legend only. I got +1300hrs on V1 maining Elf :upside_down_face: I’m using charged attack with hagbane.

Idk… Just feels off somehow and having so few arrows doesn’t feel like I wanna use 5 or more just to shoot down 1 wave of trash :joy:

Just trying to get the minmax/breakpoints for optimal setups. That’s why i’m asking this from you guys (who know v2 stuff better than I do).

Haven’t had enough time lately to go to modded realm.


Haxorzist is correct :+1:t2::upside_down_face:

5 arrows to kill around 30+ mobs? You won’t find any weapon better than that. If you’re playing waystalker, you should have the regen trait that also regens ammo. Even if your HP is full, you will keep getting back arrows every 5 seconds or whatever the tick rate is. Put the trait, crits give ammo back on the bow as well. When you fire your special into hordes you’ll get back ammo when it crits as well as long as you have it equipped and haven’t switched to your melee. At least you used too, I heard they changed that but haven’t tested it lately as I’ve been on HM and shade getting the legend outfits.

Hagbane also staggers pretty much everything. You can CC an entire stormvermin patrol, and if you’re near a cliff, you can knock them right off. Don’t quote me on this, but I’m pretty sure if your hagbane arrow hits around the CW face area, it knocks them back as well. Pretty sure I’ve done it a few times and staggered them after hitting them in the upper chest area. The mist seems to be enough to stagger. Unless it was just a crit or perhaps I actually did hit them in the head. Normally I switch to the glaive to make quick work of the CWs or daggers on the shade.

For bosses, speed potion and about 20 arrows is normally enough to kill them very fast.

Yeah. Was trying to find a proper ranged weapon for Shade, since daggers suck against hordes. Using Glaive just feels so lame. :slight_smile:

Buff the volley by 15% against skaven/armored to one burst all specials and by 25% for SV.
That’s my preferred play style as it allows for quick reactions and really good to get your friend freed from a pack-master that got himself covered by that horde.

Take daggers and hagbane for shade. Hagbane can clear hordes, dagger to ult CW and bosses. With the 20% dodge talent, you can dodge weave a bit for stormvermin. If you don’t want single target melee, then take the sword and dagger. You can still clear packs of enemies almost as good as the glaive, with less stagger though. And your 2nd heavy swing works just as well as the daggers for the ult. It’s a piercing attack.

I used the volley for a bit, but after switching to the hagbane on the shade as well, I can’t go back. It’s just so much better at everything. Even if leeches spawn, 3 quick shots, left clicks, and then go back to focusing on the stormvermin or CW. After the leech teleports off, the poison DoT’s will kill him. With your backstab ammo talent, you should not have an issue with keeping the hagbane topped up with ammo.

I just can’t stress enough how useful the hagbane is. Get backed into a corner, block and push with your melee, switch to hagbane, heavy shot once or twice, everything around you gets knocked back and dies. If it’s elites like stormvermins or executioners, you can at least knock them back and then dodge/side step out of there. If a boss, specials and horde spawn. You can CC the horde will still putting arrows on the boss to tick away his HP while your team mates take out the specials. No other bow for the elf even comes close. And when you get good with it, you won’t want to use anything else.

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