Casual Barrage Tip

Today I got asked why I was using hagbane on Bodvarr.

Apparently it isn’t common knowledge;

A lot of you can probably deduce why but for the people that don’t know - you can stack barrage procs and apply that damage bonus to any other attack. In my case I was building the potential damage for my daggers during Badvarr’s defensive AoE attack.

This also applies to the other trait that increases dmg by 25% when you crit.


Yea, it really increases the damage output on hard hitting weapons as well. You can test it on the dummies in the keep. Glaive can hit 12k+ damage on the HM with the overhead swing, very nice <3

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the thing i don’t understand is how high the barrage procs stack up to.

i thought it would be a perfect trait on my hagbane, but after using it, am unsure about the damage increase.

Every hit increases the damage I think up to 5 hits? Someone correct me here lol…

You don’t really need to worry about ammo on the final bosses, so there’s no reason not to spam hagbane and get the damage stacks. You won’t need that ammo after the fight as you’re just running to the bubble.

For the WS, I use the “Crits give 2 ammo back” trait, scrounger I think it’s called. Because if you have your ranged weapon out and fire your ULT into a horde, you can get up to 18 ammo back. So you take the 30% cooldown on ULT talent at lvl 25 and the “ULT cooldown on melee crits” trait for you primary weapon. It’s a very good way to keep your ammo nearly always full when combined with the lvl 15 talent for ammo on regen.

For the HM though, I use barrage. Because of her overall higher damage output due to traits, when you drink a STR potion and use the hagbane with barrage. The DoT’s from the mist are hitting 900 damage per tick on normal mobs, compared to 400 or so on WS. I always spec the elf out with power VS monster and chaos. So you’re getting 40% damage against Chaos Spawns and Trolls. Even though you have limited ammo, she is probably the best boss killer in the game. You can pretty much delete Chaos spawns in a few seconds without worry of ever being targeted or killed due to your lvl 25 talent that turns you invisible and loses agro. And the glaive already allows you to 1 shot Stormvermin with the over head swing. You can slap 10% chaos on the glaive as well if you want.

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I wasn’t aware her ult counted as a crit. 700 hrs as elf and still learning things by the day. Given most of my play time is on HM but still… So it tracks headshots given the right distance and angle, and ALSO crits? BERRY interesting … as admiral bulldog would say …

may have to try that build

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Yep, it’s an amazing build xD. That’s how I’m able to post score cards of 15k+ damage and get accused of CRIT POWER stacking lmao. It’s a great build with nearly endless ammo if you time your ULTs correctly. You can CC lock entire hordes and melt bosses. The Hagbane also stuns all specials, and kills them all in 2-3 arrows, which you can fire off super fast. It’s got to be the best ranged weapon in the entire game. The only normal mob it can’t kill in 3 hits is the CW, but it can Stun Lock it. Amazing piece of kit.

hagbane needs a str pot to get thru armor for 2/4 of the bosses sadly.

for regular specials and elites, it takes 1-3 arrows to kill depending on setup, but of course you’re gonna have to wait the full duration of the ticks. there’s also the problem of friendly fire, it’s tough to shoot a stormvermin directly who is trying to overhead your teammate, and not catch him in the aoe too.

i love the weapon on my handmaiden tho. ur right about her being a real good boss killer because usually i try to let my other teammates kill specials, leaving me with a healthy clip of ammo to unload on bosses with a str pot.

oooo. str pot with hagbane… give me the chills. so awesome

The only bosses that the Hagbane can’t get through the armour of is the Lords, the war camp and into the nest boss. Everything else it goes through. At the same time, you can left click the arrows into these bosses so you can still get the barrage stacks to make your melee weapon do more damage.

Yep, 3 arrows to kill a SV, but you should be 1 shotting them with your daggers or glaive anyway. You would use the hagbane to CC lock a patrol while your team mates kill them. The AoE FF damage from the hagbane is very low and I think most people would rather take a bit of FF than a hit from the SV. The right click shots actually knock them back and stun CW’s if you hit them in the neck area. 3 quick left clicks kill leeches and 2 right click arrows kill a packmaster/hooker.

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I tried the scrounger trait as you mentioned yesterday - WW ult doesn’t seem to regain arrows on crit. Maybe you meant headshot trait?

Nope, scrounger on the hagbane, make sure you have your bow out when you use the ULT. If you have your melee out, it will not work. It for sure works as I’ve been using this build for months now. Unless they patched this last night, as it was working yesterday morning for me as well. Again, you need to stack CRIT on your items for it to be semi reliable. But you can normally get 1 or 2 ULTs out per horde.

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