Hyper armour training dummies in keep?

Hey Fatshark,

In addition to fixing the training dummies, can you consider putting a hyper armour training dummy in? It’s not exactly fun to have to wait to find out a Chaos Warrior to test out if a weapon’s charged attack and normal attack works on them or not.



Yes please.

Aside from numbers, it would be really useful to have some indication of a killing blow. Like say, i need 4 hits to kill it, i get a notice after the 4th.

Also, are the dummies armored/skaven and unarmored/chaos atm?

Dummies could have a “falling” animation similar to some bullet targets.

Their swaying could also be proportional to the amount of staggering force/cleave a weapon impacts.

100% agree.

As far as I can tell, the armored has no chaos/skaven type and the unarmored is infantry type. And to determine hits required to kill a chaos warrior i.e., the Bestiary mod shows you the hp for all enemies at all difficulty levels. But without a heavy armored training dummy, you’re kinda lost in the dark when finding breakpoints for Chaos Warriors unless you have a spreadsheet that tells you damage multipliers for different enemy types

Heavy attacks with AP plus extra crit chance will take down a CW with a few hits.

Make sure you aim for his tiny little head.

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