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Dear Fatshark,

can we please get dummies for every armor/race combination? Id love to test damage ingame, in the keep, and with those dummies and the bestiary and armory mods this would be possible in an easy way.
Those dummies should interact with the corresponding attributes on gear as well and should be named aptly (“Skaven Infantry Training Dummy”)

Dummies needed:
Chaos Infantry (default inf dummy model as it is now)
Skaven Infantry (default inf dummy model with a spear)
Skaven armored (default armor model as it is now)
Chaos super armor (default inf dummy model + chaos warror 2h axe in hand)
Skaven Berseker (dummy with green rags)
Chaos Berserker (dummy with dual axes)
Skaven Monster (dummy with rat ogre head on top?)
Chaos Monster (dummy with troll head on top?, or dummy holding troll axe)

That would allow players that want to to see approriate damage against any armor/unit type.
Maybe you could even add simple challenges to unlock the dummies for the keep like “kill 3 rat ogres” - receive “Skaven Monster Training Dummy”.

Allows for more testing in game, while playing, and less going through spreadsheets.



That would fill up the training area (or other areas of the Keep) and make it far too cluttered to do anything. Someone threw in a suggestion for options on the dummies to change their types, but I’m not sure how that could be done smoothly. Maybe modders can tackle it first…

I’m not against the whole idea, though. Super Armor (as that changes damage done significantly) has been asked for since the Preorder Beta, and Monster could also be useful. But racial versions of each armor class are honestly too much. As I see it, they aren’t there anyway to give you exact measurements, but more a general feel of what your weapons can do. Nowadays they aren’t even racially affiliated, so most breakpoints can be seen directly or with a bit of simple mental arithmetics (and if you’re too lazy to do them, why are you trying to optimize that much?). I think I’ve seen or heard of one breakpoint that needs the cumulative properties of the Power vs. Properties to reach, that is, anything more complex than “is 10 or 20% more damage enough?”

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There are already 5 dummies in the keep, and adding 3 more would “clutter everything up”? Really cant see that, sounds even ridiculous to me.

As for the spreadsheets and calculation, that was more for the top end. On the lower end, ppl could just test how weapons react to certain enemies, if its worth to shoot that guy and so on. While melee damage against armored and super armored stays mostly the same, ranged damage varies massivly. I think it would just help everyone to rework them a little bit. Especially since back in the day, weapon headshots on superarmor dindt show the “no damage shield” despite barely doing any damage. Ppl would just have the option to learn. Nothing more.

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There are five dummies now, two Armored and three Infantry, true. Likely reasons are a) to test cleaving by grouping them together and b) to allow several people to test things at the same time. To hold to those rules, there would need to be at least two of each type available, possibly more of the Infantry variants, as mixing different types isn’t good for testing breakpoints (or even the cleave, as Skaven and Chaos infantry have widely different mass). So it would be far more than three more to add. Besides, have you ever tried testing stuff with several people in the area? It gets confusing soon, even more so with extra dummies filling up the area.

Testing breakpoints isn’t the purpose of the dummies, even if they can help you with that. If the mods (Armory and Bestiary, as OP said) are what you already use, I think a mod could also work for more accurate/diverse dummies, to be used by those who want it.

There’s also another point against adding more types of dummies: The game is already complex enough for new players. Springing lots of different dummies on them certainly doesn’t help with that. I don’t think hiding them behind Challenges would help that much either, as it’s still a lot of (at the time) meaningless info to separate from the meaningful, easily confusing people.

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