Are dummies accurate?

AFAIK they don’t really take into consideration weapon mods, traits, cleave and I guess some hero abilities?
Is there any way to test stuff reliably?
Can we get fixed dummies + dummies representing all armour types?

The dummies will take into account armored and infantry respectively, and they seem to work with most weapon traits. Obviously that’s not perfect since so much information is unable (like bosses or specials).

The best way to test damage is to boot up the modded realm with mods such as Show Damage and Creature Spawner. The latter also lets you disable/re-enable creature AI in a map (through the F4 menu), so you can just spawn in enemies and try out what you need, with or without enemies reacting.

That’s not perfect either since you can’t craft or open loot boxes, but it’s workable.

I don’t think this is accurate - I’ve tried shooting some armoured ummies with and without "vs armour " and got the same result.
Same goes for some other things - from top of my head: maul light attack can hit multiple dummies, xbow won’t pierce multiple targets

Armored 100% affects the armored dummies, just double checked it. Same with infantry on the unarmored dummy. Hard to guess what is going wrong in your case.

Most light attacks will hit 2+ targets even if it looks like a single target attack. There does seem to be a problem with weapons that hit specifically two targets, like 1h axe or 2h hammer lights, where a extra dummy will get hit for full damage (e.g. 14, 14, 8 instead of just 14, 8). Doesn’t happen against live enemies though.

Ranged attacks not piercing is annoying for sure. Probably due to the dummies not dying when hit.

Or the game still considering them more like environmental items (comparable to doors and barricades) than actual enemies. The behavior is at least consistent with that, and I think also explains why few abilities (the bleed from Dash, lingering AoE damage) doesn’t work on them.

This may be because the Keep, when first loaded, is considered to be on Recruit difficulty, and as such, your Hero Power (and through it, things like damage) is capped. Iirc, those hard caps affect all the Power vs. effects too. So play a map, or even start one and die (or likely, starting a map and then disbanding works too) on your desired difficulty to see the “true” damage. I think you can check the current map and its difficulty through the Tab “menu”.

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I’ve noticed this as well… Also, after you finish a Champ/Legend game, you can now hear the FF sound and see blood come out of your team mates in the keep.

There is a mod to spawn units so you can just use that to get “real” data.

Exactly. Download this and also this and you’ll also gonna need the main one. Load the unofficial server, don’t forget to start champ/legend map, exit out from it, get back to the keep and you can spawn all the enemies on the desired difficulty level. Shoot them, bash them, watch the pretty numbers pop-spawn on the screen.

I crashed that way, so I just start the Screaming Bell and practice in the cavern at the beginning.

It’s a great advice, and I’d not like to sound spoiled…
but why can’t we have working dummies without all this chicanery?

I understand, it would be easier to have working dummies and not to fiddle with mods. But tbh, I prefer mods over dummies. Because you can properly test your weapon and build against any specific enemy. There’s no need to look at the enemy tables and calculate whether you’ve one shoted monk with the damage you’ve just dealt on the dummy or not.

They work but they just can’t answer all of your questions because the game isn’t that simple. It will give you an idea of how attacks compare with each other and that is about it. It’s not meant to be a perfect test of the full capabilities of your weapons and skills.

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