Combat Dummies Bug Me

Very quick post here
Why do the dummies not activate your passives or abilities such as “Regain ammo on crit” ect.
I know it’s not the end of the world and it honestly doesn’t ‘ruin the game’ for me but I feel like the dummies should activate those passives so you can test them per say.

Like maybe I want to test the ammo regen on crit with the repeater gun.
Again really not a big deal like at all but I feel like maybe they should. Maybe it’s even a bug?


Yep, they give us tools to test things, then they remove the ability to test those tools. I suggested they put in one of each NPC (armored, shielded, monster, unarmored, infantry etc), remove their ability do interact or do anything and give them unlimited HP and let us test it. Would be FAR easier than to add code to the target dummies that they trigger all the correct perks and talents etc. Sure it would poop a bit on the lore, but you could chain them up in a magical field, or make some other nonsense up to please the Lore Gods.

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just make the dummies look like the enemies so the player can tell what he/she is attacking

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