Training dummy upgrade and Stats page addition

just few ideas that could make the game a bit better.
1- what about creating a backstab value to the dummies for backstab ability to test?
2- why don’t let us pushback them to better try weapons?
3- why don’t you create an extra page between equip and talents just to show the hero basic stats like Health, crit rate, crit dmg, speed, and the variuos stats that can be increased by equip? It would be nice to see stats while i choose between different items or characters.
4- maybe a framerate bit more stable (not real issue but I would appreciate)
5- maybe few new weapons with more various pattern (i hope to see them in the dlc)

PS. i love the game, the fact that despite the few maps the game is always so various, the fact u know the game value was 30-40 € and u set it right (not like other games with 20 € contents and 70 € release price), the variety of heroes and so many other things.

Reworking the dummies has already been requested several times. Some call it fixing, but I think they work as intended now, so that’s probably wrong term to use.

Some things I wish for:

  • First, make the dummies act as enemies instead of objects. They work like inanimate objects right now (think doors or barricades) which means that many things, including but not limited to pushes, shield bashes and several skills do not work on them.
  • Give us more to compare. We have two types of dummies now, effectively replicating Stormvermin and Clan Rats. Yes, the dummies apparently count as Skaven. Chaos dummies, Hyper armor dummies, maybe even a Monster dummy would let us experiment far more widely and accurately.
  • While melee cleave works fine on the dummies, ranged penetration does not. Arrows get stuck on the first dummy they hit. I suspect this is related to the first point, but I still find it jarring. I’d love to actually see how well my different bows penetrate.
  • A much more minor one, but I’d like to get a few smaller dummies too. Mainly because headshotting in melee on the (quite tall) dummies is kinda wonky, on many weapons. More difficult, I feel, than doing the same in the middle of action. In some cases this is more about the weapon, but as I have consistent trouble with the dummies but not hordes, the dummies are to blame too.

And yes, some basic info in-game about the careers and other stuff would be appreciated. I dislike searching for (sometimes essential) information from outside the game, especially from potentially inaccurate sources (as I think anything not directly from official sources is).

Uh, so dealing 10k damage headshots when enemies have capped damage is fine for you?

Okay, I admit, there is one actual bug there: The damages should be divided by 100. There’s a decimal point missing. It was missing in the open beta, appeared at one update, then disappeared again in the next. I find mentally adding that point to be rather minor, though.

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