Headshot talents, crit power on dummies

There’s an issue that comes up when you attempt to test headshot talents like Deathknell (WH) and Arcane Bodkins (Waystalker). When you test it on dummy in single player it works, but if you join someone else’s game and do the same it doesn’t. A friend of mine was unable to see the effect of crit power as well.

Is it some weird dummy-related bug or these doesn’t actually work in-game if you aren’t the host?

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dummies have been a really poor way to test dps since launch. Often times you need to return to main menu and re-enter the keep to see any changes. Your best options is to go to the steam workshop, enable damage numbers, play the first field in Against the Grain. There’s plenty of enemy variants in that field to test your damage numbers on.

I’m still confused why they reverted dummy damage back to x100 rather than x1. There was a short window where the damage to dummies actually included the decimal so instead of hitting for 1200, you hit for 12.00 which was accurate. I wish they’d change that back :confused:

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