Huntsman's one in the eye talent halves headshot damage instead of increasing it

The damage change isn’t being calculated properly, your damage is being decreased instead of increased. This started happening since the WP update.

You can check this by testing it on a training dummy.


Just tested and appears to be working correctly.
50% headshot damage talent and ult bonus is working.


I have not been able to replicate this. When I tested the damage on the training dummy I got an increase in HS damage with OinTE. However an interesting thing i found is that i typically wasnt getting a HS increase of 50%. Rather I was only getting a HS increase between 20% and 30% depending on my charge time (I tested this with the longbow). I am yet to test any other weapons as of yet. Which weapon were you using to test this?

If the number is not 50% more with than without, it’s because of how the game calculates damage.

(I’m simplifying here for the sake of clarity, I know it is more complicated than that and that crit and headshot share a calculation)

Total damage = base damage + crit damage + headshot damage + other (like strength, backstab and such)

The 50% increase in headshot damage only applies to the headshot modifier, so the damage with One in the Eye becomes :

Total damage = base damage + (headshot damage x 1,5) [+ crit damage (if crit)]

This is also the reason why Crit Power property isn’t that good, and really depends on the finesse of the weapon.

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