Huntsman trait Maim

Text of the Maim trait:
‘Ranged attacks deal 30% more damage to injured enemies…’
What is considered an injured enemy? after one shot or after one hit is injured? :thinking:

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Not positive, but I think injured means less than %50 health.


That’s correct. I don’t think “injured” should be the description used here since that’s the case. I always thought it was just less than 100%. That’s absolutely terrible then. Why would you ever use this over 50% headshot damage? Plus, that’s some pretty important information being left out of the tooltip.


It works when enemy’s health is less than 50%.

I think it’s one of the most useless talents. Even if someone wants use a “bodyshot build” (so not taking the 50% bonus to headshot), MAKE 'EM BLEED is still simply better.


Thank you mates!

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Okay that’s terrible then. I had thought FS changed it from under 50% HP to ‘injured’ during a patch or meant to do that, but I guess they didn’t?

If it’s meant to be 50% HP they could honestly replace it with another talent, eg ranged attacks apply bleed like WS has. That’d have a breakpoint niche finishing off wounded elites/specials via bodyshots (with the correct power vs) on Longbow at the very least.

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