Huntsman Kruber hp regen

kruber’s talent says; “Hunter’s Respite-Markus recovers 4 health every second while under the effect of Hunter’s Prowl.” I tested it and it recovers temporary hp. Wasn’t it supposed to be pernament hp instead of temporary?

Talents only give temp HP. Some of them might have misleading description, I agree, but now that you know that, description shouldn’t be a problem.

They don’t have misleading descriptions in the convenctional sense, it is pretty obvious that it was at one point true hit points.

Isn’t the word “recovers” a little bit misleading? I think it’s a strong synonym to regenerates.

The descriptions simply are not up to date.

is it going to be pernament hp one day?

Hopefully. Or at least some kind of improvement. As is, its not even a valid choice for that level of talent for me. The other two are vastly better.

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