Huntsman Hunter's Respite talent should heal as much as the other career's

Ranger veteran, waystalker, hunstman, pyromancer all have got a healing ultimate talent option. All but huntsman got it with the last patch. All but huntsman’s give around 50 temporary hit points.
Huntman’s is 4 THP per second of duration. That makes 24 THP, half of the other career’s. It also takes time to get it, and that’s an other con. The ultimate itself takes longer than most. I suggest, then, that it should be brought at the same level as those other talents (or changed altogether)


Well, ranger veteran doesnt get famage boost only stealth and knockback however, he gets more health whereas, Marcus gets less health, but a dmg boost while his ult is up.

Absolutely, but we are not comparing the ultimates themselves. (if you want I could say that bardin’s ultimate leaves you invisible for the whole duration, kruber’s until you shoot. On the other hand bardin’s leaves you vulnerable until it successfully triggers)
The point is that the healing feature is a specific talent, that should work very similarly regardless of the basic effect of the ultimates.

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