Kruber Huntsman Hunter's respite

Hunter’s respite gives you 24 temp HP during 6 sec. In the same time, other characters with similar talents (Bardin Ranger and Sienna Pyromancer) receiving 50 HP and instantly. Why so? This bonus is so weak, that there is no reason to use it.


Yeah you’re right you’re always better getting the CDR or Power increase.

Markus Kruber is a mess as a whole

As a Kruber main, I think he’s decent.

Granted, I only really play Mercenary.

Huntsman is for cowards, and Foot Knight is for masochists.


Foot Knight main here… Blood & Destruction!!!

To be frank, I do completely agree with you that Huntsman should receive 50HP should he pick that talent. Not something I’d choose regardless but I imagine a lot of people would want it and it doesn’t sound unreasonable at all.

At one point (during the Big Balance Beta, iirc) Pyro, Waystalker and Ranger all received a significant upgrade to their respective Talents that give Temp HP on Career Skill use. The THP amount was raised from 20 to 50 for each one. Huntsman didn’t receive the same courtesy, probably because his similar Talent works completely differently.

Unfortunately, this caused the Huntsman’s Talent choice to go from slightly more effective overall (the THP return taking the form of regen I don’t see as either a significant advantage or disadvantage; it’s simply different, but it does give 24 THP total) to less than half the effectiveness. Combine this with relatively high cooldown on the Skill (something that the Ranger’s lv25 THP Talent also suffers from) and the Talent bit the dust at that point.

If it was 20 green health I would take it. 24 THP is in no way worth it though.

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