2nd line Foot Knight talents

IMO Foot Knight is a fake tank. Do everything, but nothing great. When I play other heroes, tanks included, do one thing at least great.
If the second line of talets change, you could build a better Kruber. Something like:
5% crit
20% less DR in first hit in 30 seconds?
+15% / +10% power
+60% stamina recovery
20% dodge
30% of DR and this event add 33% of time to your cooldown
I dont know, but I feel that something is missing.


Yeah FK second talent choices are crap, they should be replaced by some more useful talents.

I have a few ideas.

  1. Quality Over Quantity: Kruber gains 3% power and 3% damage resistance for every enemy within 10 meters of him. Stacks up to 5 times. (so he becomes alot stronger during hordes/patrols)

  2. Unrelenting Assault: Whenever Kruber takes damage his attacks become uninterruptable and his attack speed is increased by 7.5% for 5 seconds.

  3. Excellent Endurance: Increases stamina regen by 50%.

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Tanking does not exist in Vermintide, there is just dodge and crowd control. FK and Ironbreaker suffer from this philosophy that they should ‘tank’ when getting hit in the first place is bad, and that using copious amount of stamina instead of simply killing enemies is equally as bad. In my honest opinion both of those careers need a good rethinking from developers.

Bad ideas

They both have crowd control, and weapons to kill, so whats the problem then?

Mercenary Kruber is better at killing things and crowd control, and Huntsman is better at killing elites and specials which leaves FK an awkward thing left behind with a bonus ‘damage resistance’ which is completely useless.

Slayer demolishes hordes and bosses, whereas the Ranger is capable of replenishing ammo, potions and bombs. Again, leaving Ironbreaker oddly left behind with again ‘damage resistance’. Ironbreaker used to at least have strong utility when patrols were dangerous, but that isn’t the case anymore.

People should obviously play as they want, but I’d like to see both IB & FK be given a fresh look.

Killing yes, but not crowd control.

Which way huntsman better at killing specials? He jave same weapons except bow, which sux at killing specials

Killing is a form of crowd control but that was not my point. Career ability of Mercenary Kruber is not that expensive and often times he has it each time a horde is spawned on Legend, and is even capable of doing it multiple times over a fight provided he either and or has gabber and as well resourceful combatant with his melee weapon.

In regards of Huntsman being better at killing specials, always having a handful of ammo and access to the bow makes him superior of killing specials, saying that the bow ‘sucks’ at killing specials is absolute nonsense.

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Same weapons, different talents.

at least i put some effort into coming up with talents, while the devs just slapped downright useless talents on FK second row of talents.

Ok boi, which talent makes you pull your ranged and kill better then merc or fk?

Have you seen the Hunter?
Hunter’s Prowl, Make ‘Em Bleed, Makin’ it look easy…

FK comes with only 25% damage resist out of the box and needs to waste a talent to get it to 30%, 20% out of which are relevant to the rest of the party if you are close enough to them. That and the charge ultimate - there is literally nothing else to FK at the moment. He is not good at tanking and sure as heck not good at dealing out damage.

The joke is the supposed pure DPS careers are actually better at tanking than the FK is AND dish out ridiculous amounts of damage AT THE SAME TIME. The Slayer can reduce incoming damage by 50% AND get 30% damage resist - how come the tank that has nowhere near the same damage output can’t? Unchained gets 50% damage resist and also increased damage mechanic. FK gets 25% damage resits and NO damage increase unless one counts the 25% extra power for a whopping 10 seconds after charge…

The aura needs to come with 20% damage resist by default, the talent giving extra 5% needs to be changed with something actually useful and as for the second row - the FK needs the talent the Slayer and Zealot get that reduces incoming damage to 10 or half to actually make it an actual tank. I wouldn’t mind something to the tune of increase damage resist by 5% for every nearby enemy up 5 stacks either.

As it stands there is very little reason to pick FK over Merc other than aesthetics.


Probably just zealot and slayer talents should be deleted. Slayer, cause he have ridicilous amount of crowd control, zealot, cause he is power creep boss and cant die?

Yes it does, it’s just less about being a damage sponge and more about being an aggro sponge. FK tanks the same way slayer does - By getting to the fight before anyone else, getting the enemy’s attention and holding it until they’re dead.

On the topic of the thread: I use the L2 talent I use is ‘Build Momentum’, and that’s because sword and shield is my favourite weapon for him. It basically gives you infinite push attacks.

Uninterruptible attacks isn’t so useful, since the only time your block gets broken is when you’re being totally overwhelmed and are either about to ult to safety or die. Toughness buffs for revived teammates (or any other buff based on reviving or saving teammates) is too situational to be useful.

No such thing as an aggro sponge, due to the sole fact that vermins will target anyone that is near them, including your own teammates. Now you may argue that you are doing good by bashing around with your shield, but the same result can be done with anyone with any other weapon all the while dishing out damage.

Cool, try charging or jumping at a pack of enemies with slayer or fk and tell me what they do. Spoiler: They don’t chase your teammates.

Yeah if this hasn’t been changed from VT1, pushing rats draw aggro on them. If your mates know that, they simply have to spam left click and everything is cleared.

So yeah indeed tank careers feels terrible with pugs, cause you can’t do damage or resist hits that much, and you can’t take aggro. But with a good group, FK can cheese hordes by block pushing, and apply heavy CC to bosses and patrol with the ult (I recommend the 30% cdr btw, makes it easy to pop twice or three times in a fight)

“this philosophy that they should ‘tank’ when getting hit in the first place is bad”

It’s not. Being able to take hits is the definition of a tank. While I agree with you that avoiding hits is better, this does not make the classes badly designed. For starters they are great for beginners, and even later they are good for those times when avoiding that hit just isn’t a possibility. Or avoiding scenarios where a mistake could cost the entire game (it happens when all the party is made of squishy careers).

The toughest the challenge, the more you need a tank. I find those classes invaluable on legend deeds like Harder better faster stronger, vanguard, instadeath/abduction.
And while currently I find them a bit boring compared to other choices, a full tank group - expecially on those challenges - is much more fun than a full dps one.

Long story short: I think they are perfectly ok.

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