Footknight is Great now


Kruber Footkinight is a lot better now,
really strong and useful to the team,
good job :slight_smile:


Yes Footknight is great! It went from one of my least favorite careers to being one of my favorites. He really fits the “bully” role quite well, knocking enemies around and following up with heavy hits. I especially like using the 2h sword with increased stagger.


lol am i missing something
this should be sarcasm post for sure

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Except when they just stop moving and start holding block while not even pushing to pull aggro, or outright pushing enemies out of my reach when I try to exploit the new meta for bonus damage.
Otherwise they bring exec or dual wield and play the same as I do with zealot.

Sure! Im still laughing or crying it doesn’t matter!

FK with shield is a great front liner and very hard to kill
It is a thankless job though. Have like 100 Killa by the end of a Cata map.

I do love having a FK to stand behind when I am playing a ranged DPS. Makes me feel so safe.


He was good during the beta, then Fatshark has overnerfed almost every talent:

  • Block cost reduction: from 30% to 20%;

  • +15% attack speed a push: from 5s to 3s;

  • Stagger: from 50% to 35%;

  • Invulnerability after ult: from 5s to 3s;

Now that pushing is meta, FK seems a weaker IB (with a free +50% stamina regen).


Does FK not doing damage, only providing stagger damage bonus outweigh being a DPS himself?

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He is unkillable with the right build in BCR/Stamina recovery, although don’t hope for MAH GREEN CIRCLES or you’re in for disappointment.


10 lvl talent line
Stagger bonus is very specific, it allow you to stagger CW with shield bash, and increases push power against the crowd, but at the same time single enemies flying farther away.
Actually, it is the issue with pushes, pushing efficiency is quite limited against the crowd, but if you push a single enemy, it will fly away out of reach, it causes push attacks to fail, and overall inconvenient.

20 lvl talent line
+20% BCR - best choice so far
+5% DR - IMO, loses agains previous choice, one is mitigating damage by miniscule amount when over reduces chance to guard being broken and сonsequently been hit or downed.
+10% power, -15% DR for all - I did not found breakpoinit that will worth such sacrifice

25 lvl talent line
Counter-punch is best option so far. It is a life savior, especially with Parry, and it give you free pushes and push attacks. Considering new mechanic and a number of push-attack dependant weapons it is very useful.
5% DR for every teammate nearby is interesting on paper, but in reality you will receive 5% most of the time. If it worked both sides, or had at least 5% always, maybe even both, than it would worth to use.
30% movement speed when ally is incapacitated… Very, very situational talent with useless bonus. It need to be replaced. If ally was caught by disabler, use your ranged weapons. If ally was downed by melee attacks, main obstacle will be enemies around him, not the distance. Also, purely altruistic talent will always less appealing than any others.

30 lvl talent line
Numb to pain invulnerability duration: 3 seconds. After canceling charge, you have ~2 seconds of invulnerability. It is very limited in use. It was overnerfed to the brink of unusability. Duration should be at least 4 seconds or 3 after charge ended (+invulnerability while charging)
Trample have very low duration, and considering that by charging you throwing enemies away, you using at least 1-2 seconds to catch up them.

So, two talent lines have unviable choices, and at least one need improvements.
FK is really better than before, but there is plenty opportunites for improvements.
I just hope Fatshark will not* nerf good options to make other options viable.
*Edit: ah, such a great typo it was.


It can. A lot of that damage people get is going to come from killing hordes and gibbing elites. The sword and shield does okay against hordes, so you can mix in LMBs with pushes and heavies. Played right, it can control enemies pretty well and allows other players to spend less time dodge or blocking and more time killing. In really dense situations enemies like Storm Vermin or Bestigors don’t get a chance to seriously hurt allies if you play it right.

You’re also staggering a lot of enemies so people constantly get maximized damage output. This is especially true if you weave a heavy or LMBs in there to add the stagger count to enemies, further increasing damage. Mainstay works really well with him because he lacks Bulwark, but that’s not bad because Mainstay gives him a lot of extra damage and makes the enemies he staggers actually get hurt from his attacks. Before 2.0, sword and shield was like using a pool noodle.

You can also bump enemies back with the heavy stagger of a shield and then shoot specials before going back to doing control and minor damage. His active gives that guaranteed staggered on any enemy and you can bump bosses off ledges or try to get their aggro. Blocking gunners can be useful as the gunners will shred everything in front of you. Using the invulnerability you can live through storms, gas, or whatever else if you use proper timing. Bump enemies off ledges with a shield bash. Reviving allies can be done really effectively and then you can defend them.

If you’re standing there just holding block, you’re not doing it right. I never thought a “tank” could ever be introduced properly into a game like this(and initially it wasn’t), but Fatshark pulled it off with this iteration of the game. It’s not only effective, but also one of the funnest tanks I’ve ever played in a game. Tanks in games are usually boring, but it’s pretty fun in this. Being able to weave pushes, with heavies, with LMBs is important to maximizing his potential. If you use a weapon like the repeater handgun you can also pick off specials for days between shoves. It’s awesome.

The changes to shields, stagger, and talents really made careers like Footknight capable of shining bright when playing a protective/supportive role.


Agreed. I always ran footknight and I have never felt more useful. Ironbreaker I use to hate but now I love.

Not a lot of people bring these characters but after the update you almost need one on the team.

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FK seems good just because stagger is more important (while during 1,6 you had just to take the career with the highest dps).

But current FK is weaker than old FK and anyway, aftert the beta, he has been over nerfed.

From 1.6 he has lost great talents:

  • HP bonus: and this is pretty bad because FK and IB (because they are the only two pure tanks without a good dps, differently from Unchained and Zealot) should have 175hp (instead of 150);

  • stamina regen after a charged attack: a tank must stagger and stamina is precious to do that. IB can push all day, while FK eats stamina like chocolates. This talent would work well with shield’s bash and 2h hammer’s heavy attacks (also because, during these heavy combos, you have to push a lot);

  • +2 stamina: 20% block cost reduction is efficient only if you (or your allies) use a “full BCR build”. But few careers use that property. While a bare +2 stamina is useful for pretty everyone;

  • ult cooldown reduction: IB can taunt, very useful if you aggro a patrol or for some very bad situation. Before FK could (almost) spam his ult to do a “different but similar” job. With pro and cons. Now you can’t anymore.

As I have written before, post beta, he has been over nerfed:

Now he has some mandatory talents (just because the others as so bad), and honestly his talents don’t seem to add something to his gameplay.

Probably I will do another thread.

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Idk guys i feel like fk is a melee career without melee talents. With any non-shield weapon it feels like im trying to melee with full ranged BH or BW.
Only idea for fk beinbg useful is to stay near zealot and boost his 40% dr to 60% dr.


I do like new FK, but I also think each of the talents that don’t directly benefit shield users were toned down too much. Have actually been having fun as a hammer user with the attack speed build, but that is probably, arguably, the wrong way to play FK because shield knight never dies.

I will say that if Numb to Pain made FK invincible during his charge, no one would ever pick anything else, lol. But, yeah, 3 seconds of not dying after ult is quite strict. Other two ult talents feel better to me.


Yea, footknight pretty much went full support in this version. Take Shield and Sword, 80% BCR build with 30% stamina on trinket. Take the talent that gives you free pushes on a block. Wait until something hits you, now spam pushes for 2 seconds and knock and entire beast horde to the ground. GG

During the “free pushes” active, you don’t consume stamina and actually regen stamina. So you will always be at max stamina and can just push stun lock everything. Take repeater pistol to deal with specials and your build is complete. Invincibility on charge to pick up downed team mates. You are the most useful class in the game that really does absolutely nothing :joy: I call him Baby Sitter Kruber.

Entire team wipes? No worries, just push the beast/SV patrol off the side of the cliff, horde too if you’re decent with taking care of specials. Otherwise, just hold block and walk a quarter of the map and pick them all back up again. That entire horde, boss and patrol smacking you won’t be able to break your block.


Or pick IB that can push all day without to wait to block an attack… to not talk about his invulnerability for 15 seconds (while FK only for 3… and one second is wasted to wait the animation). Incredible how there are practically opposite opinions on FK.

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In two seconds? lol

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you’d be surprised at how many shield pushes you can do in 2 seconds, and that’s just 2 seconds of stamina free pushes, you effectively spam it for 5-6 seconds before needing to hold block and take a hit to renew the free push buff, meanwhile you’re increased stamina regen will just replenish anything you’re missing.

I was basically exploiting this gimmick and soloing a horde when I was the last one standing in a game. Took like 8 mins but I never got hit.


Yea, that’s like 3 pushes and then you still have around 6 stamina to spam more. Block another hit and you have full stamina again while spamming free ones. It’s broken to all hell xD

Mate, you can start FK ULT and then tap right click to cancel the charge, he’ll still knock everything back. Also, you can start a revive and then use your ULT, you will charge off and keep reviving your team mate. The IB can’t do that XD It’s extremely useful with bosses and CW patrol on you that will interrupt your revive.

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