Footknight - Final thoughts - I feel it "premature"

3.1 Footknight is a decisive step forward than the previous version… but I feel there still are tons and tons of “not analyzed” (ignored) feedback and interesting contents.

I don’t know if Fatshark voluntarily decided to ignore those feedback because they don’t like them or if it has been a simple matter of time and maybe we will see something in the next patch… but I would like to summarize my personal opinions and some other ideas that I read and I liked… like a reminder for Fatshark and an abstract/summary for who didn’t play the beta.

  1. Make Staggering Force (+35% stagger) a passive:

Since the main FK’s niche is to create space, I think that Staggering Force should be present by default… In my opinion, regardless builds and styles adopted, FK should always be able to inflict more stagger/create more space (I know, we have Valiant Charge too, but it’s an ult, not something always present)… as a “trademark”, a characteristic feature.
As if his training as a knight had granted him a particular technique with weapons… a particular ability/synergy.

For example, even playing him with an aggressive style, it’s sad to give up to part of his nature (create space/stagger)… it would make him even more different from Merc… wich instead has, from his side, more cleave as passive.

  1. Give us back Inspire Action (Stagger Cooldown Decrease) - It’s Hero Time (Disable Charge Reset) combo + level 10 talents’ problem:

Simply I think that the cited combo was perfect for FK’s style… moreover I find sad that, if I want to play a pure tank FK with a shield (wich is legit, since we only have 2 tanks on 16 careers), I’m forced to pick-up Staggering Force. There should be more variety.

I have some ideas (pick one):

  • like written in the first point, Staggering Force could become a passive and we could replace it with Inspire Action or a new talent;
  • invert Have a Thee! OR Crowd Clearer with Inspire Action;
  • fuse Have a Thee a Thee! and Crowd Clearer (effectively they are a kind of each other’s copycat).

  1. Give us back Trample (enemies hit by Valiant Charge takes increased damage) + auto-block on ult:

Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE Battering Ram (wide charge)… simply I think that Trample was perfect for FK’s style (really a ingenious talent) and there were smarter options to add the new talent (Battering Ram) without removing Trample.

Example: give to Valiant Charge an auto-block (just a QoL change) and replace Numb of Pain with Trample.

  1. You wrote that Rock of the Reikland >ALSO< doubles the radius of Kruber’s Aura… as an addition, not a replacement. But now it doesn’t give the damage reduction. It should.

  1. Increase total damage reduction from 25% to 30%, to compensate how now damage reduction’s sources stack (FK’s DR is divided into two abilities).

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