Foot Knight Aura + THP Questions

I have a few questions: I heard FK protective presence aura is too small to ever be worth it. Is that still the case?
Based on the above information, I have chosen to go with “comrades in arms”, which merely mentions the “closest ally”. Is that infinite range? There is always gonna be 1 ally who is “closest” to you, even when far away, after all, unless they have all died.

And last but not least, when using a warhammer (or exe sword), which THP talent should I go for? Staggering/Damaging multiple enemies is both very easy with the two handed hammer, but I’ve been hard pressed to find out which one is better, probably on account of my lacking skill.

Inspiring blow - is it ever worth it? What is “nearby”?

I really don’t understand why fatshark doesn’t give an easy way to estimate ranges, leaving me a million questions on this classes basic functionalities.

Also general footknight tips would be appreciated! As a closing note, I play legendary only, and my favourite kruber weapons are the greathammer and the exe sword! :slight_smile:

Whether the aura is really too small to be worth it is debateable. But remember that you also get the bonus, so just pick the one you personally prefer and try to stick close to your teammates when you can. Consider the buff to them just a nifty bonus, but not the main function of the talent. Its effect isn’t very spectacular for them anyways. What the range of Comrades in Arms exactly is I couldn’t say, but it’s not a bad talent to have from a selfish point of view either so just go with it if you like it.

As for THP: I think for the 2H Hammer and the Executioner both THP on cleave wins out. For the 2H Hammer it might be close though.

I always felt Inspiring Blow was less useful than the other two options on that row.

As for general Footknighting tips: I pretty much exclusively play Footknight with a shield, so I couldn’t advise you all too well about hammer or sword builds. If you’d like info about shield builds I’d be happy to go more into depth. @Stop_Hitting_Me is really into Footknight as well so he could maybe give some additional tips.

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