Foot Knight, two-handed hammer and temporary health

Temporary health gain with two-handed hammer on Foot Knight is incredibly low even with Boon of Shallya on necklace. In the same time this weapon have very low attack speed, so chances you will get hit is quite high. Does not matter what I choose, health from cleave or health from stagger, both choices feel weak. For example, I can reach same or similar amount of temp healt with two-handed sword and without Boon of Shallya. As far as I know, killed targets doesnt give you temp health, for stagger, so I see problem here.


Yes you are right. I changed halberd for 2h hammer two weeks ago, and I love it, but temp health generation is to low.

I’ve actually never struggled to generate temp-health with the Two-Handed Hammer, so I’m a little confused where this is coming from. I tend to pick targets hit on stagger; horde scenarios tend to be the only place I am wanting to generate temp-health and I don’t struggle doing it when they are around because your power attack hits a lot of rats!

Part of what makes me have a hard time wielding it is that I get hit a lot, as you said, while fighting. I generally won’t go down in HP, but I have a hard time shoring myself up from low health. I’ll take a scattered 3-5 hits across the horde, but Foot Knight aura is enough to keep me rolling.

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Almost all of the issue with FK temp health generation is the fact that killing blows don’t count as staggering or pushing. The 2h hammer in a horde therefore kills slaves rather than stagger them, meaning a Kruber FK player must charge towards the biggest armoured gang of enemies and spend time clobbering them about to gain health. OF course, your team mates will be trying to one-shot them where possible reducing your opportunity to practice your panel-beating skills on a chaos warriors breastplate. I have no real problem getting temp health if you play FK a bit like a slayer and charge ahead to clang around the armoured units before your comrades get stuck in.

Also, there is fact, that you will not gain temp hp for trying staggering fallen enemies.

You are 100% correct. During the horde I am really depending on ambients and armor, but it’s still usually enough for me to get by. Then again, I am an overly aggressive player so I prefer Mercenary Kruber anyways, but that’s besides the point of the thread…

I think Foot Knight with the Two-Handed Hammer is both a great combo and a rough combo for a few reasons, but I still think it operates pretty well for it’s design.

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