Flaming flail temp health generation

Siennas flaming flails first heavy attack creates an explosion and staggers nearby enemies, however with the temp hp on stagger talent it yields very little health no matter how dense the horde you are hitting is. Compared to the burning swords first heavy attack in the same situation the difference in generated health seems odd.


You have to hit&stagger with the melee attack, not with the explosion.
The second heavy, pushstab and even the normal attacks are better than the first heavy, save that for armored/elite enemies.

That is why I am reporting it, it is a melee weapon that staggers, I think it is intended for the explosion to generate temp health since it is a melee attack.

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If you have 5 enemies in front, the blade of the sword actually cleaves them, thus making the physical attack generate HP on all 5.
The flail hits 1 physically and the others get a fire effect, which isn’t supposed to generate you HP.
I think this works as they intended it and you’ll get a not-a-bug tag on this.

The first heavy with flame sword is a claw attack, not sword, and has more range than regular sword swings, not actually making contact with enemies but still generating hp from the stagger, it is an aoe attack, much like the explosion. In the beta for WoM the explosion did generate hp. It also seems like an odd thing to speculate about, since you are making assumtions whether it is inteded or not, I posted it here in order to get in touch with the devs to get a clear idea of the situation, not guessing.


There’s the point. You can proc swift slaying (as a melee trait only - influences the ranged attack speed if weapon is swapped: most classic with repeater pistol or repeater handgun) with bounty hunter’s blessed shots by rapier’s pistol. And that is not a melee attack, that’s for sure. So it’s a bit chaotic in a way.

The Flaming Flail should stagger hard with the 1st heavy, because as it is a melee weapon, and the explosion is caused by it (melee weapon still, no talent related aoe explosiion), it should generate temphp. No matter that the explosion staggered, that is a consequence of a melee weapon’s attack. It should work better with temphp on cleave, because as it is an overhead attack, the phisical attack won’t cleave, BUT the aoe (which is still caused by the melee weapon, it’s own “feature”) “damaging multiple enemies in one swing”. So the talent’s description perfectly fits. I remember the beta hp generation with this, definately gave more.

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I personally think it’s the other way around - the Flame Sword first heavy slap-around-the-face shouldn’t generate so much THP. Slapping a CW shouldn’t give you a lot of THP, and this is more of a balance issue than the flail - although the flail does seem a bit weak.

I’ve been informed that this is working as intended, we don’t have a way around it at current. It produces an explosion on hit the same way a Grenade impact would, thus doesn’t generate THP.

Thanks for the reply, but I am confused by this answer. You said it is working as intended, but then say that you don’t have a way around it, and that makes it sound like you want it to work differently? Are you saying that you wouldn’t mind if it generated more hp, but there is a technical barrier, rather than it being a balance issue?

Yeah, I believe this is the case.

Pre WoM Zealot during ult gained tmp hp from bombs, which makes me believe this is not that problematic to fix. I do see how it could either be done quick and dirty or a new (networked?) field added to the attack/damage template which is probably something you don’t do as lightly as most bug fixes not needing such widely visible things.

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I have a few more questions regarding this.

Are you planning to adress this topic in-game, or will it be left as is? If so, what are the correct avenues to express interest in such a change?

In the WoM beta the first heavy attack of the flail generated huge amounts of hp, how come that was the case if it is an issue now?

he gained thp from ranged thats why he gained it from bombs

Sorry, I can’t answer these questions as I simply don’t have a clue. I have the impression that this won’t be changed but I’ll have a chat with our Game Designer at some point. It would be appreciated if you could pop it in the Feedback category.

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