Flaming Flail missing hitbox?

Was playing FoW as a client and two times in that session did the flaming flail heavy attack just completely whiff on targets at point-blank ranged. I do not understand at all what or why it happened. I even analyzed it frame by frame and recreated the attack in the same location with the hitbox debugger which shows that the attack should be all means have hit.

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Could it have been a lag spike? Your hit that should have interrupted the attackers was delayed but you got hit and it went from there?

If it was a connection issue then I believe the flail heavy explosion should have simply been delayed but it doesn’t look like it ever hit. I don’t get it.

Yea i was wondering something along that line as well but i do not know how laggy interactions go well enough to be certain. Except the one where you see yourself raise the block but that one overhead that comes in a second (or even two) later still hits.

But for this…yea it just looks terribly odd.

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