Zealot flail heavies delay

When releasing LMB after charging a heavy attack, the animation always gos for one more spin before initiating the actual attack animation. This gives a delay of about .5 to 1 second between my input and the attack. This happens consistently on Saltz’s flail and only on H1s for Sienna’s.

This behaviour is mostly noticeable when you’re not holding the heavy attack for too long ; but if you’re trying to get them out fast, it takes longer than it should. Flaming flail H2 works normally.

Not only is this annoying because the attack is slower than any other weapon in the game, meaning I get hit where I would have staggered the enemies with any other weapon, and because the delay makes heavy chaining janky and I end up releasing light attacks. Not a big deal per se, but still annoying.

I’ll post some videos later.

Also see this thread, it might be related.

I would consider this a feature, rather than a bug, personally… it’s not something I’ve had an issue adjusting to - with attack speed properties too ngl.

It takes a little getting used to, and is really only ‘great’ on Zealot or Unchained, seeing as though they have some solid attack speed talents. I think BW might as well? Idk, I’m too tired and a little drunk to remember. Witch hunter captain is probably good to if you give it swift slaying…

Either or, I think it’s a funny mechanic that lends weight to each strike, given how high its stagger potential is.

Man, there is something weird going on. I’m having a disproportionate amount of trouble to manage a simple L1 > L2 > block cancel on the bretsword, which I had no issue with when it got released.
I have to wait for the L2 swing to be over to be able to press right mouse button, and even then I often go into L3. It used to be a simple LMB > LMB > RMB and repeat.

I have no trouble whatsoever with Kruber’s regular 1h sword.

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