Zealot Flail Bug 3.3 patch

so i have seen this problem popping up after the big balance patch:
salzspyre flail gets stuck in heavy attack charge animation, and when i release the attack it doesnt start, getting stuck in the rotating animation instead of delivering the attack
It’s a big problem since in higher difficulties prevents me from using the weapon, cause it happens somewhat often but randomly and i cannot control efficiently when i will deliver the blow, this causes me to take a lot of unpleasant damage from enemies, it’s really gamebreaking

i only have few mods and and are all approoved: armory, ammo counter and 2 others of the same kind
has anyone encountered the same problem? my gf has this problem too and we stopped using the flail, and to some extent the zealot as a class fot that reason

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There’s a 0.3s delay for the attack to coming out after charging it up, or are you saying it doesn’t start the attack at all?

it doesn’t start the attack at all, it stays in the animation of the rotation of the mace, to make the attack happen i MUST press attack again, instead of just having to simply release the left mouse button as usual with heavy attacks

plus i could not find a pattern that explains something i might do wrong, that may cause the bug (?) to happen, can’t find a consistent reason that might trigger such behaviour, but it happens a good 30/40 % of the heavy attacks

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It might be related to one of the input buffer settings. I think setting one of them too low started causing this issue for me with various weapons.

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Yeah good point. Had a friend who had this exact issue with Bret sword and it turned out to be input buffer settings related.

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