Bretonnian longsword not releasing during strong attack

Pretty much the title. Bret Longsword stays in riposte stance despite releasing my mouse button and won’t do the attack unless I click the mouse button again. I’ve tried 3 different mice now and they’ve all done the same thing. I turned the button buffers down to 0 if that makes any difference. Anyone else have this issue? Also, I still haven’t received my Helmgart skins despite purchasing Champion Edition months ago. Still no word on that despite a previous post I made on it.

Your unput buffer setting is below 0.5
Put it to 0.5 (or above) and this should be fixed.
Old and known issue, also happens with other held charged attack weapons like the flails or the tuskgor spear.

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Omg thank you! I was also having the same issue with the flamesword with Sienna and it was so frustrating.

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