Bretonian Sword and Shield Push-Attack range bug

Doing the Push-Attack on the dummy, in the keep, requires you to be exremely close. The sword doesn’t hit if you’re not standing close enough, even though the animation shows the sword going through the torso.

Unsure if this is just a dummy thing.




I feel like FS doesn’t care about balance patches and tweaks anymore.

we know they have a some balance adjustments in (next patch?) in working, it is confirmed, tho i wouldn’t be too hopeful that all these minor things will get adressed, it sounded more like fixing the overall inbalance rather than adressing single weapons and traits

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I would love to know why you think that balance patch is confirmed because I’ve lost interest in V2 few weeks after SotT release and came back only rescently for Warrior Priest, only to witness the game’s yet broken balance. Please share the sourse so that I can continue loving the game and devs.

Wow, this bug has been in place since GK release. BSnS is pretty trash anyway tho.


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Confirmed during the twitch stream on january 21st. VOD available on Fatsharkgames channel. I don’t have a timestamp to give you atm but I think I posted about this very thing in another thread. I’ll try to find it and edit here.

EDIT : It was here.


Thanks man, that is just so good to hear.

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