Bretoinian Longsword and Shield broken Hitbox

This bug had been reported by various sources (including me) a long time ago.
And despite the fact that it was acknowledged by the Fatshark, the problem still haven’t been adressed even after multiple patches and a new career release.
The Hitbox during the Push Attack on Bretonian Longsword and Shield is not attached to the weapon, making the attack unreasonably short.

And here is a comparison to Empire Sword and Shield, which has completely identital stats on on it’s Push Attack. (Both strikes were performed from exactly the same spot)

To put things to perspective, here is Warrior Priest and his Greathammer Punch.

Yes. Saltzpyre can PUNCH furhter than Kruber can STAB enemies with a LONGSWORD.

My wildest guess is that the hitpox that spawns during the attack is not attached to the Sword and just floats in a default position at an eye level, thus, not traveling any distance and failing to hit anything unless the player hugs the enemy.

Please, this needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. Grail Knight had this problem since the very release of the career, and we already got 3 new ones. This NEEDS to be addressed, because it directly impacts how the weapon feels and plays.


Yes I’ve seen this acknowledged many times. The Brettonian sword n shield is so fun to use but this severely hampers the ideal single target combo. I usually go H1 → L2 → H3 to avoid it. They fixed the elf greatsword having a stab range too short (or some elf weapon can’t remember which) a couple updates back but forgot about this old boy.

Also on the subject of this weapon is it too late to make Saltzpyre’s Skullsplitter and Shield combo a clone of this weapon instead? We already have 2 hammer/shield clones and for a staggering weapon this would provide a lot more.

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For me (and some other people), the disfunctional push-stab is a dealbreaker, that makes the weapon just not worth using. I really hope this issue gets addressed soon. Because it is already very long overdue and killed the weapon for many players.

That’s probably a topic for a separate thread… But the idea itself doesn’t sound that bad.
Wonder if any modders could try implementing it at some point.


hope this will be fixed soon, because its a very fun weapon


In the last Dev stream, we were promised that the next stream (in 4 weeks if I am not mistaken) will be talking about Quality of Life changes that are planned to be implemented into the game soon.
Maybe we can hope for a bit of hitbox fixing. That would definitely improve quolity of my Grail Knight’s life xD

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