Bretonnian Longsword and Shield broken hitbox

This issues has been brough up many times in multiple threads and HAD BEEN ACKNOWLEDGED by the developers.

The Bretonnian Longsword and Shield has a broken hitbox on it’s push-attach, which results in hitbox just floating in the center of your character’s model, instead of moving with the weapon.
In previous threads, where I mentioned this problem, I had provided plenty of screenshots and explained the issue to the best of my ability.

Why is this problem STILL in the game?! The DLC released in June 2020.
This bug directly affects the performance of a weapon, making it much weaker than any of the counterparts, because the attack is literally impossible to land on anything that flinches after you push it.
Imaggine if Sienna’s Scythe had the same issue, where you push-stab and instead of hittign enemies your scythe just whiffed through them without hitting anything, because the attack itself has shorter range than your push hitbox.

How come Saltzpyre can PUNCH a longer distance than Kruber thrusts a LONGSWORD?!


100% agree. It’s years I’d like to use that weapon but simply I can’t

Sometimes I get a feeling like the “acknowledged” tag is just used as a cheap excuse to dismiss the thread and forget about it.
I know, there is such things like “priority list” and “more pressing matters”. But there is a few things that feel more insulting than having receiving a “yes, we agree this is indeed a problem” and having your issue get ignored for 3 years.

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I guess there is just not enough public outcry for it.

Maybe if @janfon made a meme video about it, there would have been something to work with.
But, I guess, for now I have to stick to periodical creation of “acknowledged” forum threads.

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wow, synchronicity i did not notice this thread. both sword & shields are like this though

I am not sure you are talking about the same subject.

The issue at the root of this thread is the miserable reach BretS&S push-stab has and the fact it’s hitboxes don’t match the attack animation.

I wish I had that kind of influence lol

Well, your jokes tend to run in the community. That’s the main reason I mentioned you.

Also I think it would be hillarious to watch Kruber stab something with a longsword and being confused about it not doing anything (maybe the blade retracts back into the hilt or something, I dunno).
Then Saltzpyre comes along and lands a punch with his Extend-O-Fist of Sigmar.

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