I really hate Sword & Shield stab hitboxes

Sword & Shield push attack

Sword & Shield heavy stab

Bretonnian Sword & Shield push attack

Bretonnian Sword & Shield heavy stab

This results in hitting the chest of enemies if you’re too close and there’s almost no way to manipulate it onto their heads in that case.
Now let’s look at the push attack stab hitboxes of other weapons

Dual Daggers push attack

Dual Hammers push attack

Kruber’s Spear & Shield push attack

Kerillian’s Spear & Shield push attack

What do you think? Is the uselessness of 60-70% of the active frames on Sword & Shield a balance decision? Or is it an oversight? Maybe it’s malicious, it could be developer sabotage! :scream:


I am not sure what the exact issue you are talking about.
You mean the number of hitboxes used per animation? Could be just a weird quirk of how the weapons were designed.
The amount of boxes displayed doesn’t seem to affect weapon’s performance. The placement does (as it affects the weapon’s actual reach and area/angle of coverage.

the hitbox is convoluted and the first half of it can’t headshot. thousands of times i’ve either whiffed the stab or hit the chest while aiming at the head. it’s inconsistent and i hate it and it makes me want to use literally anything else

Not sure if I got used to it or something, but I feel pretty comfortable using Empire Sword and Shield stab attacks.
Can other people confirm it as a serious issue?

Both Kruber’s sword and shields (Imperial and Bretonnian) have bad hitboxes on their stabs. They don’t reach as far as other attacks or really match up with where they appear to hit. I have a similar issue with Elven Spear, it’s wonky trying to land headshots.

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I can confirm, elven spear stabs are frustrating to try and headshot with. Also its light and heavy stabs differ wildly in how high or low you need to aim.